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10 Reasons Why I Wasn't A Fan Of The Last Jedi

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December 15th 2017 was a big day for Star Wars fans. The Last Jedi had finally hit theaters. The film, which is the sequel to the 2015 box office smash The Force Awakens, also marks Carrie Fisher's last performance as the beloved and iconic Princess Leia. I attended a screening Saturday at noon. My expectations were high; I loved The Force Awakens and Rogue One however I felt that this latest installment did not measure up. Below is a list of what I felt was wrong with the film. 

This article contains spoilers. Duh. 


#1. They pulled a Boba Fett with Captain Phasma

 Phasma was one of my favorite new characters from The Force Awakens. Her chrome armor and the fact that the captain of the Storm Troopers was a woman, was supremely badass. She didn't get as much screen time as I thought she would in Episode VII. I was hoping we would see more of her in Episode VIII. Sadly her appearance in The Last Jedi is reminiscent of another badass who fell too soon; Boba Fett. Just like Fett, Phasma appeared for only a few minutes before falling down a hole. I expected a lot more from the fight between her and Finn. Everything about Captain Phasma in The Last Jedi reminded me of Boba's scenes in Return of the Jedi; brief and disappointing. She deserved more. She deserved better. 

#2. Rose was Boring and Pointless

I was thrilled when the Star Wars franchise announced their first female Asian lead. Actress Kelly Marie Tran was cast as Rose Tico, a member of The Rebellion. I was looking forward to discovering who Rose was and what important part she had to play in the battle against The First Order. In the end I found her to be flat and boring. And what was with that kiss between her and Finn after she got hurt? It was clear that she was a fan girl of Finn, but that kiss was out of left field. There is no chemistry between these two. That lip lock definitely felt forced in order for the audience to "feel" something amid her sacrifice. I was bummed out she wasn't dead after all. 

#3. Poe Dameron Turned Into An Unlikable Jerk

X-wing fighter pilot Poe Dameron was another personal favorite of mine from The Force Awakens. He was brave (and humorous) even when he was captured by Kylo Ren. He accepted Finn's help when he freed him and they escaped together. He surprised us all when, after presumed to be dead, he reappeared leading a squadron of X-wings. And who doesn't love his relationship with the adorable BB-8? Poe appeared to be a fierce fighter who was loyal to The Rebellion. Why did that change in The Last Jedi? Poe literally threw a hissy fit throughout this film. He defied orders, questioned authority and lead a mutiny. He was demoted, got slapped around and was even shot at by General Leia. When Admiral Holdo took over, he proceeded to get in her face and question her tactical plans. 

The dude just got demoted and he's getting loud with an Admiral. The Admiral doesn't have to explain anything to him. 

Poe didn't strike me as a Resistance fighter who is constantly questioning authority in The Force Awakens. Does he have a problem with authority, women in power or is he just a jerk? I'm not sure but this sudden personality change smells like bantha fodder. 

#4. Admiral Holdo Waiting SO Damn Long Before Lightspeeding Through The First Order

She. Literally. Stands. There. For. 15 Minutes. Watching. Her. People. Being. Blown. Up. Before. Lightspeeding. Through. The. First. Order. Fleet. Why did you wait so long? Aren't Admirals suppose to be leaders who can think fast in situations of war? All those rebels are dead because you literally just stood there. 

Gee, maybe Poe was on to something after all.....

#5. DJ: The Painfully Obvious Bad Guy 

Color me not so shocked when Rose and Finn meet a shady guy who says he can help them and it turns out he betrays them. DJ ends up selling them to The First Order. Who knew you can't trust a guy you just met who is locked up in a jail cell?

#6. Luke Being One Big Disappointment 

The Force Awakens ended with a cliffhanger with Luke's location finally being discovered. Rey and Chewie board the Falcon to make contact with him. The final scene in Episode VII is an emotional Rey handing Luke's saber to him. It's the first time we see Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in 30 years and he doesn't utter a word. The Last Jedi picks up where that tense scene left off only to have Luke comically toss his saber over his shoulder and off a cliff. 

I'm sorry, what? I waited 2 years for that?!

If you think the murder of Han Solo or the desperate call for help from his twin sister is enough for Luke to spring into action, you are sadly mistaken. The movie spends most of its 2 hours and 33 minutes with Luke making excuses and feeling sorry for himself. I had hoped Luke would rejoin The Rebellion as a badass but that doesn't somewhat happen until the very end; right before Luke dies and becomes one with The Force. Lukes cowardice is shameful and disappointing for someone who is given the title of Jedi Master.  

#7. Rey's Parents Are Nobody

Episode VIII reveals that Rey's parents sold her into slavery for money to spend on alcohol. They remain nameless. We are told they were literally "nobody" of importance. Literally. Nobody. 

Gee, I'm so happy I waited 2 years for that too

This could certainly be a fake out and we will get the "real" answer to her parentage in the last installment of this trilogy. For now, it's another revelation to add to the list of disappointments.  

#8. Canto Bight: A Boring Place To Be

Conto Bight could have been interesting but instead it was boring. It served as nothing more than filler. It was so bland that I don't even want to talk about it. 

#9 Mimicking Scenes From Past Star Wars Films 

Rey turns herself over to Kylo Ren because she senses that there is still some good in him. He arrests her and takes her to Supreme Leader Snoke. Snoke begins tutoring Rey and Kylo Ren kills the Supreme Leader.

Wait a minute, haven't I seen this all ready in Return of the Jedi?


#10 No Mourning Or Respect For The Death of Admiral Ackbar

"The bridge exploded and everyone died, including Admiral Ackbar."

And......that's it. 

The beloved Admiral Ackbar, who has one of the most famous and iconic lines in Star Wars and movie history, dies off screen and zero shits are given. The plot and the audience simply move on. No words of remembrance are spoken. His death was off screen. Ackbar was just thrown away in The Last Jedi. This war hero who was still fighting the good fight, deserved way better than that.


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  1. thank you for this excellent movie review! I feel the same way. I was now thinking this war against the Empire has gone on since Luke was a born, which is 60 years. Plus other than Ep 4 and Ep 5 the other 6 movies all had some major flaws in my own opinion

  2. I feel the same way as you do. On the Subject of Ackbar: He should have traded places with Admiral Holdo. That hyperspace plan felt like something his character would have done.

    I personally was irritated myself on the amount of P.C. this movie had. We are all tired of politics, and this movie was just a Leftest's wet dream (No offence if you are a lefty).

    1. Star Wars has been about The Rebellion and the oppressed fighting against the government (The Empire and then The First Order) since 1977. It's ALWAYS been political.

  3. He didn't even get a chance to warn us that it's a trap. RIP Admiral!