Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Realm Of Lore Sneak Peek!

I am thrilled to announce that my first book has been published on Amazon! Realm of Lore is now available for digital download. Don't have a Kindle? No problem! Simply download the free app and your purchased copy will appear. 

 Realm of Lore is a collection of short stories and poems that are sci-fi and fantasy themed. I began writing some of the stories many years ago; 7 to be exact. This past June I decided to focus on accomplishing my dream; to write and publish a book. I took this opportunity to bring important elements to the world of fantasy that are close to my heart. First and foremost, my original stories feature strong female characters. They also feature representation of minorities. 'Ebony's Quest' is the tale of a fairy who must save her realm from extinction. The entire cast of Ebony's Quest including the main character, are Black. 'Snowfall' is a retelling of Snow White and features an entire Latino cast. 'In Defiance of a God' addresses the sexually abusive behavior of the Greek god Zeus. We witness what happens when a mortal woman stands up to him. These are just a few of the important themes throughout my book. 

 Below is a complete list of the short stories and poems you will find in Realm of Lore. This book has been registered and is protected by the United States copyright office, 2017. 

 1. Clone 
 2. The Cat And The Companion 
 3. The Angel In The Window 
 4. Ebony's Quest 
 5. The Goddess And The Mortal 
 6. A Queen's Vengeance 
 7. The Ivory Star 
 8. Soulless Doll
 9. In Defiance of a God 
 10. Snowfall 

 And now, please enjoy this preview from 'Ebony's Quest'. Be sure to download your copy of Realm of Lore HERE!


Ebony’s Quest

“It’s been stolen?” Ebony asked.

“Yes. It is gone.” Ira replied. The old Wizard sat down on a nearby rock, using his staff for support as he lowered himself. The sun glistened off of his bald head. His brown skin was weathered and wrinkled. 

“But how can that be? Who would take it?”

“I am told a human child wondered into our realm and took the stone for himself.”

“Can you not conjure up a new one; a new stone that will keep our realm alive?” Ebony asked. Ira took a long look at the fairy.

“I am too old, child.” He replied. “I feel my power fading even as we speak. Creating a new stone would be impossible.”

Ebony began to chew nervously at her fingernails. The fairy was given her name in honor of her beautiful deep brown skin. Her dark hair was long and curly, reaching to the back of her knees. She wore a crown of white and pink flowers upon her head. Her magnificent wings and dress were a pale pink. 

Gone; the stone was gone. She could not believe it. One thousand years ago, the great Wizard Ira had created a stone and breathed magical life into the woods. All magical creatures were tied to the stone. It was their life source. It also kept them hidden from mankind. Ira did not trust men. He had seen them hunt, enslave and kill not only animals, but other human beings as well. They fought wars in the name of a higher being, only to accomplish more bloodshed.  Mankind had used Ira. He thought he was helping them accomplish peace but soon learned that man wanted the Wizards power for themselves. Ira retired to the woods and created this realm.  Humans could not see this magical corner of the forest. Their eyes only saw fog and swamps. This kept the humans away and they never approached the forest, until today.  

“What was a human child doing here? Why on earth did he venture through the swamp?” Ebony began to pace back and forth on top of the wizards staff. “Perhaps someone should go after the human and retrieve it.” She suggested.

“Who would go on such a quest?” Ira asked. “Who would risk being seen and captured by the humans? Who is strong enough to carry the stone back? No; my dear Ebony. It is gone, lost. Perhaps it is time we accept our fate.”

“This is a threat to our very existence!” Ebony said. The wizard did not reply. The fairy stopped pacing and put her hands on her hips. “You are ready to give up, is that it?” She demanded.

“Accepting our fate is not giving up.” The Wizard replied. “It is merely acceptance.”

“That is a load of dragon droppings!” Ebony exclaimed. “I am not ready to give up! I am not ready for our world to disappear! I’ll go after the stone myself.”

The Wizards bright blue eyes grew wide. “You; you are the smallest creature in the wood. Even if you did find the stone before the sun set on the third day, you could not carry it back. You are too small.” His words only made Ebony more determined.

“And yet,” she began “the strongest in our wood will not go after it. Do not judge me by my size, Wizard! I may be small but I am the only one willing to retrieve it!” Ira studied her. Her expression was hard. She stared at him with determination. Finally, he sighed.

“Very well, fairy.” He said. “You make an excellent point and I apologize for offending you. Before you go, take this.” He produced a red pouch from the pocket of his robes. After saying an incantation, the pouch shrank. It was now the perfect size for Ebony to carry.

“What is in it?” she asked as she tied the pouch around her wrist.

“It is an enchanted powder. Sprinkle it onto the stone and it shall become as light as air. You will have no problem carrying it back home.” The fairy flapped her wings and rose from the Wizards staff. She bowed.

“Thank you, Master Ira.”

“Go my child.” Ira said. “You have my blessing. Go forth and save us.”


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