Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Step by Step Wig Guide

Wigs are an important part of costuming. It helps us transform physically into our favorite characters, particularly if the character has a specific hair color or style. Some people have expressed difficulty with putting on a wig.  I'm often asked what my routine is. I have thick, long Latin hair. It can be a challenge to cover up.  I manage to hide it well and my routine is quite simple. Here is  a step by step guide to how I personally wear a wig.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Wig Cap
Two Sets of Bobby Pins (one to match the wig. The other to match your real hair.)

 Step 2: Put your hair in two braids. Make sure to push any hair in the front (such as bangs), back and away from your face. 

Step 3: Pin the braids to the back of your head, towards your neck.

Step 4: Slide on the wig cap. 

Step 5: Put on the wig. To get a more secure fit,  put bobby pins on either side and cover with the wig hair.

Step 6: You're done! 


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