Monday, April 10, 2017

Wonder Woman Battle Ready Toy Review

It's time for another toy review from the Wonder Woman movie collection! The Wonder Woman Battle Ready doll is made by Mattel. It was purchased at Wal-Mart for $12.88. The doll is dressed in her Wonder Woman costume. The costume is a one piece printed dress. The belt is made of plastic and is removable. The chest piece is also made of plastic and is sewn into the sides of the dress. An elastic band is around her neck, holding the chest piece into place. Her boots and bracers are removable. Her arm band is held in place with an elastic band. Her tiara is secured into her head with tabs that can be cut off. She comes with a lasso.  The dolls elbows are jointed as well as her knees. Her left hand is positioned so that she can hold her lasso. 

The Battle Ready Wonder Woman doll has a closed mouth, unlike the Diana Prince doll which has a slightly opened mouth. When comparing the Battle Ready doll to the Dawn of Justice Black Label Barbie, you can see that the new doll has a larger head. She has a darker lip and more eye makeup. As I stated in the Diana Prince doll review, the new dolls feature brand new body molds. They are not tall, super skinny Barbie dolls. They have an athletic build. Battle Ready Wonder Woman's dress is cheaply made and rather thin. However this was most likely done to keep the doll at an affordable price. She really is quite beautiful, even more beautiful than the Black Label doll, in my opinion. The lasso isn't great either but the doll itself and her armor is very well made.


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