Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Diana Prince Toy Review


The Wonder Woman movie toy collection isn't scheduled to be released until late April however, some Wal-Mart locations have all ready put them out on shelves. This review is for the Diana Prince with Hidden Sword doll. It is made by Mattel and was priced at $12.88. My local Wal-Mart only had one Diana Prince doll for sale (and now she's mine. Praise Hera!). She is wearing a blue evening gown as seen in the Wonder Woman trailer. She comes with a sword and one pair of boots.





The dolls head is the same as the previously released Dawn of Justice Barbie but with a new paint job. The Diana Prince doll has thicker brows, fuller lips and darker eye makeup. She bears a stronger resemblance to Gal Gadot than the Dawn of Justice Black Label Collector doll. Diana Prince features a new, athletic body sculpt. She has jointed elbows and knees. Her dark hair is pulled back. She wears a gold version of her Wonder Woman boots. Her boots are removable.  She comes with a highly detailed sword that she can hold.  There is a sheath hidden on the inside of her dress (located in the back).



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This doll is a great deal for $12.88. She is well made and very beautiful.  If you pose her just right, she can stand on her own. With her chiseled body and joints, this doll is more like an action figure. The Diana Prince doll would be a great addition to any Wonder Woman fans collection!


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