Wednesday, December 28, 2016

In Memoriam: Carrie Fisher

On Tuesday December 27, 2016 an announcement was made that shattered the Star Wars community. Carrie Fisher, our beloved Princess Leia, had passed away a few days after suffering a reportedly "massive" heart attack while en route from London to Los Angeles. The actress, author and metal health advocate died at 8:55am. She was 60 years old. 

Although Ms. Fisher is best known as Princess Leia, she did many other things in her career where she achieved great success. Carrie was a sarcastic comedian who wrote several best selling books (her most recent book, The Princess Diarist, was released in November and is a #1 Best Seller ). Her humorous autobiography 'Wishful Drinking' was turned into a one woman show. It gained  praise from critics and was commercially successful. She was a champion for mental health. She made it okay to talk about it openly. She publicly spoke about her bipolar disorder and addiction. (check out this article from CNN regarding how she raised awareness for mental health HERE ).  She was loved by so many and will be missed very much.  

Carrie completed filming on Star Wars Episode 8 this past summer. This time next year,  fans worldwide will be flocking to theaters to see her final performance as General Leia. It will no doubt be a very emotional time. Like many fans around the world, Carrie Fisher meant a lot to me. She was the first kick-ass princess I ever saw. She was beautiful, smart, graceful and tough. She could hold her own with a blaster and wasn't afraid to call you a stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerfherder to your face. This princess was a solider who became a General. Carrie's sharp wit brought me many belly laughs. I adored her bravery for speaking about the importance of mental health. She was always there. She was always my princess. Always my comedian, always my champion. Now she is gone and my heart is broken. How do we say goodbye? We shed tears. We watch Star Wars. We make shrines out of our Princess Leia toys. We take comfort in the happiness she brought us throughout our entire lives. But it still hurts.  

All I can say is, thank you. Thank you God for bestowing her upon us. She was a blessing. Thank you Carrie for sharing your heart, soul and talent with the world. We love you. 

Carrie and her beloved service dog, Gary. 

Rest In Peace
Carrie Fisher 

May the Force Be With You


Gary Official Twitter Account (also @Gary_TheDog )


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