Thursday, August 18, 2016

Disney's Elena of Avalor Royal Gown Doll Review

She is the very first Latina Disney Princess! Elena of Avalor is a Disney channel animated show that debuted in the United States on July 22, 2016. Several new Elena dolls have hit store shelves. This review is for the Royal Gown Elena doll. She was purchased at Target for $19.99. You can also order her online via Toys R Us  HERE

The dolls are made by Hasbro, who recently acquired the Disney Princess license. For over a decade, Mattel had an exclusive contract with Disney and was making the princess dolls. Over time however, Mattel began to neglect the brand (which was evident to doll collectors like myself who noticed the dolls were suddenly being made in poor quality) and then released their own collection of princess dolls called Ever After High. This greatly displeased Disney. They left Mattel and awarded the $500 million dollar Disney Princess contract to Hasbro. A great video about the contract dispute can be viewed HERE

Elena comes in a very pretty box with a castle backdrop. She is wearing a beautiful red gown that features a flower pattern and ruffles. Her gown is very much influenced by Latin culture. She comes with a pretty crown that is white, and turquoise with a gold trim and a red gem in the center. The crown is secured on her head with a translucent band. She wears turquoise earrings and a white and turquoise bracelet on her left wrist. Gold shoes finish the look. Her dark hair is swept in a side ponytail. She has pretty brown eyes. Her arms, legs and wrists do not bend. 

Let's debox her to get a better look!


I have absolutely fallen in love with this doll. She is very beautiful and Elena is a great character and role model. I have to admit that I had hoped that the first Latina Disney Princess would have her own movie and not be reduced to the small screen. I do hope that in the future Disney will create a Latina Princess for film or transfer Elena to the big screen.

This doll has universal appeal. Elena has all ready become popular amongst children and they would certainly have fun with this glamorous doll. Elena is definitely a must have for Disney Princess fans. She is great to display for adult collectors. She also appeals to the Latino community, who have been craving for our own princess for years. 

Hasbro has done an incredible job with the Disney dolls since winning the contract. The dolls don't look like generic Barbies as they did when they were made by Mattel. Hasbro has put careful detail into each doll. Every doll is a different height. Their clothes are beautiful and colorful. Every face sculpt is uniquely different and truly depicts an animated look. They include princess characters such as Pocahontas, (which Mattel  has neglected and left out of their doll line since her movie was released in the 90's). Mulan isn't forced into a pink, glittery gown but wears a stunning green dress reminiscent of the film. And can we take a moment to appreciate that Ariel is wearing her Disney World/Disney Park dress? Hasbro, you are doing a spectacular job with the Disney Princess brand! 

I give the Elena of Avalor Royal Gown doll a 5 star rating! Welcome to the Disney Family!


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  1. Mattels princesses were beautyful. I feel sorry that Disney gave licens to habsbro. Elsa looks like a vampire.