Tuesday, August 16, 2016

DC Super Hero Girls Budget Supergirl Doll Review

The trinity is complete! I have found and purchased the last doll I needed from the DC Super Hero Girls Budget Doll Collection. Supergirl was a happy accident. I discovered her while shopping with my family at a Barnes and Noble bookstore. She was priced at $9.99. Batgirl and Wonder Woman were also available for purchase. The dolls are made by Mattel.

Like the other dolls in this line, Supergirl does not come with actual clothes. Her outfit is painted onto her body. She has detailed molding on the side of her "pants", knees and her torso. Her shoes are attached to her feet and do not come off. She comes with a plastic removable red cape. Her blue gloves are also molded onto her body. She wears the same blue headband as the first edition doll. Her hair is styled slightly different from the first edition. She does not have any hair framing her face. Her headband is pulling all of her hair away from her face. Her hair is also slightly shorter. Supergirl has bendable knees however her arms are stiff and straight. She is able to stand on her own.

Time to remove her from the box to get a closer look and compare her to the original!


I am very pleased with the DC Super Hero Girls Budget Doll Line. I have never been a fan of painted clothes on fashion dolls, however the detailed molding makes a big difference. There is a variety of colors and the design of the "clothes" are fun. For as little as $30 ($10 each) you can collect the entire series. The dolls appear to be durable enough for children but are also great for adult and comic collectors. I greatly appreciate that DC Comics has created this brand to spotlight their female characters. I also love that Mattel and DC released a budget collection that everyone can afford!

The DC Super Hero Girls Budget Doll line gets two big thumbs up from the Confessions of a Cosplay Girl Blog!



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