Tuesday, June 21, 2016

LensFlavors Contact Lens Review

I'm so happy to be doing another review for LensFlavors! LensFlavors has a large selection of colored and special effect contact lenses. The company offers free shipping world wide. This review is for their Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown Colored Contacts. These lenses have a one year disposal usage. They are priced at $26.90. A listing for the lenses can be found HERE on their website to purchase. I used the contacts for my Snow White costume.

The contact lenses arrived in glass vials that are carefully wrapped to avoid damage. You receive handy hair combs to hold your hair away from your face as you put your contacts in. You also get a case for your lenses. Be sure to have eye contact solution at home to fill the case and put your contacts in! Tip: make sure you wash your hands before handling the contacts. Put your contact lenses in before you put your makeup on. This ensures you do not accidentally get any makeup on the lenses and risk getting it into your eyes. 

I've used Lensflavors in the past both as a sponsor and as a paying costumer. I really enjoy their product. I find their lenses to be very comfortable. The color of the lenses match what I see on screen when I place an order. The Mimi Almond Brown Contacts not only made the color of my eyes darker, but they made them appear slightly bigger. It's perfect  for that wide-eyed Disney Princess look. The contacts were a great compliment to my Snow White costume. The Mimi Almond Brown Contacts get two big thumbs up from the Confessions of a Cosplay Girl Blog!

Thank you to Green House Photography for the photos!


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