Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Batman Cosplayer Stops Car Thief at Wizard World Philly

Photo credit: Jamie Foxwell Ralph
You read that headline correctly! At this years 2016 Wizard World Philadelphia Convention, cosplayer and charity worker Greg Walraven spotted some suspicious behavior while heading to a vehicle. A man was breaking into cars in broad daylight. Greg confronted and stopped the thief all while wearing his Dawn of Justice Batman costume. The incident took place at one of the parking garages in the city.

Greg tells us in his own words exactly what happened and how it lead to the robbers arrest.

Photo credit: Green House Photography
"The date was Friday June 3rd. I was at Wizard World Philly dressed as Batman from Dawn of Justice. Around 5pm after having been in costume for around 8 hours, I decided it was time to change but I had forgotten wipes to clean the makeup off my face. My friend Jamie said she had some in her car, so we go to her car to get the wipes. As we are walking we notice a guy in a minivan with all the doors open just rummaging through stuff. I didn’t think anything of it as people were doing this on a daily basis for the convention. After we get the wipes and are heading back I notice that the guy in the car looks stuck so we stop and I yell out to him if he needs any help. He stops what he’s doing, gets out of the minivan and comes over to us. His greeting was “I wasn’t going to steal anything just looking for something to use.” 

Photo credit: Green House Photography
"Jamie (my friend) and I look at each other in disbelief. At that point I tell her to go get security. As she is on her way I turn to the guy and in a casual voice tell him he can’t do that. That it is someone elses stuff and that what he was doing was wrong. As I am waiting for my friend “the perp” and I had a casual conversation about the weather. He even asked questions about the convention. After what seemed like a couple of seconds, Jamie is back with security and they tell us they have it from here. Before security could finish that sentence the police show up and arrest the man that was going through the car. Jamie and I leave, we get on the elevator and she starts cracking up. She leans over and tells me “you stopped a crime Batman.” We laughed for a good long while over a guy that saw Batman and basically gave himself up. Honestly, I didn’t think anything of it as it was very casual. No violence, no conflict just very chill."

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  1. As I said previously.... Its not everyday you catch a criminal with Batman. Greg Walraven this will be something I remember for the rest of my life! What they don't say in this article. It could have turned ugly. We didn't know what this guy was on or what weapons he had. I'm just glad Greg kept his cool. The parking garage had lots of security on guard and policemen were everywhere just on the street below.