Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Makeup Tutorial

Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released Friday, March 25th. It will mark the big screen debut of the most famous female superhero in the world. After 75 years we finally get to see Wonder Woman grace the big screen! The Amazon Princess is played by Israeli model turned actress Gal Gadot. Her makeup in the film is quite beautiful. It is natural and fresh. I recently purchased a screen accurate Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman costume from JEFX so now is the time to tackle the makeup. Below is a step by step guide complete with photos inspired by the Amazon Warrior.

*Important Note* No filters were used on these photos taken with an iPhone 5S

Step 1: Primer. Spread the primer under your brow bone and on your eye lid and blend. This will help the eye shadow not crease and last longer. 


Step 2: Eye Shadow. Use a light beige/cream color like the one on the top right under your brow bone. Then apply a gold color (top left) on your eyelid and spread it to the crease. 


Step 3: Liquid Eyeliner. Draw a thin line on your top lash line. 


Step 4: Mascara. Curl your eyelashes and apply one coat of waterproof mascara. 


Step 5: Foundation. Apply foundation all over your face and jaw line. 


Step 6: Concealer. Apply concealer to any dark circles or shadows you may have under your eyes. 


Step 7: Black Eyeliner (Pencil). Take the pencil and trace your lower lash line from the outer corner to the inner corner. Avoid your waterline. Smudge with the tip with your finger to blend. 


Step 8: Black Eye Shadow. To lock the black eyeliner on your lower lash line in place, apply black eye shadow on top of it. 


Step 9: Pressed Powder. Apply pressed powder on top of your foundation to set it in place. 


Step 10: Bronzer. As you can see, my bronzer is running low. LOL Apply some on the hallows on your cheeks (making a fish face helps).


Step 11: Nude Lipstick. Apply a nude colored lipstick to your lips and you are done! Take down your hair and slap on that tiara!


As I stated before, no fancy filters were used for these photos so they are pretty bare which is fine since this palette is a pretty naked look. Hope this helps some Amazon Sisters out there!


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