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Hispanic Cosplayers For Hispanic Heritage Month

The Confessions of a Cosplay Girl Blog continues its celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th-October 15th) by placing the spotlight on several active cosplayers of Hispanic descent. Each talented and creative cosplayer spoke about their passion for the hobby. We also tackled important topics such as racism and how Hispanics are portrayed in comics and in the media. Check out the interviews as well as photos of their stunning work below! To find out more about Hispanic Heritage Month, CLICK HERE.

Name: Ivy
Ethnicity: Puerto Rican 

Costumes: Catwoman, Black Cat, Jill Valentine, Lara Croft, Wonder Woman, Hawk Girl, Princess Leia, Draculaura, Vampirella, Zatanna, Caitlyn, Ash Ketch, Zulu, Redwing, Steampunk Mermaid, Queen of Hearts, Alice, Liesel Vanhelseng, Machiko ( female predator), Blondie from Sucker Punch, Satanico Pandemonium and The Other Mother.

Social Media Accounts:
Instagram: @ivycosplay
Deviant Art: 

Conventions You Have Attended: MegaCon, DragonCon, Conjure, Fanboy Expo, Tampa Comic Con, Spooky Empire. 

 How does it feel to be one of the leading ladies in cosplay of Hispanic Heritage? It feels great to be Hispanic and to accomplish so much in so short time. I feel that I'm showing to all our women out there that what ever you decided to do in your life, never give up, as long as it is for good. You should work for it and always give 100% no less than that and that goes for all the male Cosplayers too. 

 What advice would you give other Latinas who are looking into getting in the hobby? Have fun, be creative, use all your imagination and you will be able to accomplish big things if you don't give up.

 Do you have any costumes you are currently working on? Jun The Swan


Name: Evil Queen Jacky
Ethnicity: Cuban American 

Costumes: Regina the Evil Queen from Once Upon aATime, Various Disney Princesses, Various Once Upon a Time characters, Marvel characters, DC characters, Silver Screen actresses, video game characters, TV characters, Horror, Terminator and Sci-Fi, Tomb Raider, Lisa from Weird Science and many more to come.

 Conventions: Megacon, Wizard World (various), Spooky Empire, Awesomecon, Nekocon, Baltimore Comic-Con, Supercon and many small local cons. 

Favorite cosplay: Regina the Evil Queen (Once Upon a Time) 

Have you ever felt reluctant to costume a certain character because of your ethnicity? Not really, I've always been pretty confident in the characters I cosplay. I've always seen cosplay as something you do for fun, for yourself, so who you choose to cosplay is entirely up to your comfort zone. 

 What words of advice would you give other Hispanic Cosplayers when it comes to costume choices and possibly facing racism on the internet or convention circuit? I've fortunately never experienced any racism in the cosplay community, and for that I am grateful. However, I have been discriminated against in other ways not associated to my latin heritage and the only advice I have for that is a bit straight forward and blunt - Grow tougher skin! People will ALWAYS try to bring you down, whether it's race, culture, religion, weight, age, life choices, the list goes on and on. The moment you start caring about what others think and/or say, is the moment you've willingly placed your life and happiness in other's hands. Take charge of YOUR life! 

Do you have a favorite character of Hispanic Descent? I absolutely LOVE Pedro Sanchez from Napoleon Dynamite! Yes, I know it's incredibly cliche, but not only is it one of my favorite movies, but he is definitely my favorite Latin character. Vote for Pedro! 

Social Media Accounts: Instagram: @EvilQueenJacky


Name: Tiffany Cruz aka Sky

Ethnicity: Puerto Rican 

Social Media: Facebook - Sky Cosplay 
Instagram: @Sky_Cosplay

Costumes: Batwoman, Catwoman, Kitana, Esmeralda , Miss Harley Quinn, Rainbow, Dash Pikachu. 

Conventions: Zenkaikon, The Greater Philadelphia Comic-Con,  J1-Con, Wizard World Philadelphia, Monster Mania, Retro Con, New York Comic Con and Steampunk World's Fair. 

What are your thoughts on how Latinas are protrayed in media (movies, comics, cartoons and television)?  My thoughts are I think we need more of them. I think it's great, because it shows the art, the beauty, and the love for the characters.

 Would you personally like to see more Hispanic characters in media?  Yes, I will you love to see more Hispanic characters! It's about time we see more of them. It would show the culture some spotlight. I mean we already characters like Bane, Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes), Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), The Question (Renee Montoya), and more. But it will be nice to see one as the main person in their own story. 

What would you say was your best convention experience? Best convention experience was going to New York Comic-Con for the first time with my boyfriend. I knew this con was big, but I wasn't ready for how epic it was. I mean it took us 10 minutes to get past the doors because people just kept asking for our pictures. It was my first time doing Harley Quinn and my boyfriend was the Joker, everyone loved our costumes. Nothing can't beat that, because it was the first time me and my boyfriend cosplayed together. And now that all we do, going to conventions together, and never growing up.


Name: Agent Paradox (Geneva)
 Ethnicity: Puerto Rican & Sicilian

 Costumes: Baroness (Hail Cobra!), Imperial Officer (Hail the Empire!), Ezio (Assassins Creed 2), Garrett (Thief), Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite), Snow White, and a few others I'm sure I am missing.

 Social Media Accounts: Facebook: 
Instagram: @AgentParadox

Conventions You Have Attended: SDCC, Comikaze, Wizard World, BigWow, Wondercon and a few others.

 Have you personally seen the hobby of costuming grow within the Hispanic Community? Absolutely! The diversity is a wonderful change. It is so great to see many more from the community getting into cosplay.

 Do you find yourself more drawn to characters of Hispanic descent to costume or is it irrelevant what nationality the character is? To me it is pretty irrelevant. I tend to just cosplay characters I love and have a connection to regardless of their race. 

 Would you personally like to see more Hispanic characters in comic books and sci-fi? I would love to see more in all genres of geek culture.


Name: Han Pan
 Ethnicity: Mixed, but mostly Puerto Rican

Costumes: Lots of Harley Quinn from Batman, the Wasp from the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, Sailor Moon, Dagger from Final Fantasy IX, Oerba dia Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII, and more.

 Social Media Accounts: My new Facebook page!

 Conventions You Have Attended: I routinely attend MAGfest, Katsucon, Awesomecon, Baltimore Comic Con, and AnimeUSA.

We have been friends for several years and I recall people referring to you as 'white girl". They are obviously oblivious to the fact that Hispanics come in many beautiful colors. How does that make you feel to be referred to that way? What is their reaction when you inform people that you are Puerto Rican? Shock. In some cases, shock and horror. At one point in my life, I very vividly recall having a legitimate argument with a girl who insisted there was no way in hell I was Hispanic and that I was an awful person and a liar for saying that I was. I also have a lot of people who are confused that I don't speak Spanish, and I have to explain to them what being Hispanic in a small town in the 50s does to an immigrant. My father speaks very little Spanish, but it was all learned in secret; his father would have been livid had he found out. 

What are your thoughts on how Hispanics in general are represented in the media? For the most part I find it degrading. There are few out there in popular media to begin with, and they tend to be portrayed poorly. Gang members, morons, unable to communicate, unable to work, illegal, etc. It's frustrating. Unless you look at Telemundo or the few Hispanic pop culture figures (Gabriel Iglesias, J.Lo to some extent, Matt Peña...I asked my movie/actor buff boyfriend and he spent five minutes to come up with two) who are generally portrayed positively, there really isn't much out there. But Hispanics are some of the hardest working people I know as a whole, and their dedication to their family and to their work is unparalleled. I'm extremely proud to call myself Latina.


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