Thursday, July 30, 2015

Game Review: Pokemini

The Pokemini game tells the story of Mini's who have traveled to Earth looking for "yummy donuts". The game opens with the tale of the Mini's then allows you to pick your own mini character. Once you select your character, you can enter your nickname, your zodiac sign and then the fun can begin! You can change your Mini's appearance by purchasing hair, clothing (using donuts) and free edits are available to alter their psychical appearance. You are also given a home which you can decorate. You can visit other Mini's in their home and they can visit you. Quests are available and you are rewarded for finding particular items. The game is made by the Cocone Corporation and is now available on iOS and Android devices.

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When you sign in everyday, you earn a login stamp and you can use the stamps to win prizes. Outside your home, you are given a tree to water and you earn points and donuts for taking care of it. You can also water other Mini trees when you visit to gain points and donuts. Other ways to earn free donuts is by placing a "slap" on another Mini's Slap board, or watching ads for items such as video games or taking product survey's (in which you have to supply your email address). You can meet other Mini's by the 'Jet Set' option which will take you to another players home. You can also leave messages on their bulletin board and interact with their furniture. At your home, you can customize it however you like, buy and rearrange your furniture and visitors will pop by. You can even cook and eat tasty treats. You can also give gifts to other Mini's however it doesn't come cheap and will cost you 50 donuts. When you level up by obtaining points and donuts you are awarded new items. Your Mini will need to rest when they are tired. They will also need to eat when they are hungry.

I really liked the options for clothing and hair styles in addition to facial features. Most of these options however do cost donuts so you have to save up. The graphics are adorable and the music is delightful. The controls are pretty easy and there's a 'Tip' icon to assist you in the game play if needed. The game is a fun past time. I especially like that you can interact with other gamers from around the world by leaving messages, visiting their homes, giving gifts or even entering a Chat room. I think the price of gift giving is a bit high and I was also confused when I went to purchase a Rose Gown and was told I had to "spin" for it in which I did not get the dress but a hat instead. I am confused on that part and was upset because I had enough money for the dress yet the spin took most of my donuts.

In closing I am still learning my way around this game however it is fun and enjoyable for all ages. I plan to continue playing. The Confessions of a Cosplay Girl Blog approves and recommends Pokemini!


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