Friday, May 8, 2015

Regina The Evil Queen (Once Upon A Time) Gallery

With the Season 4 finale of the ABC television series Once Upon A Time airing this Sunday (May 10th), it seems like the perfect opportunity to showcase my Evil Queen costume. Regina is the Evil Queen from the classic story Snow White. She has banished all of the fairy tale characters to a town called Storybrooke which resides in our world. As if being banished wasn't bad enough, all of our heroes have also been mind wiped and don't remember who they are thus ripping away their happy endings. Regina holds the position of Mayor over the town thus "ruling" them. Seasons 1-3 can currently be viewed on Netflix while Season 4 is streaming on Hulu. Regina is ruthless, sexy and smart. She doesn't let anyone stand in her way and has no problem voicing what she thinks, no matter how brutal.  Below is a gallery of my Regina costume and her Storybook alias, Mayor Mills. You may also notice some other Once characters in the photos ;)



Photography Credits: Photos and Designs by Piera

Robin Hood: Kevin D Cosplay
Snow White/Mary Margaret: Moonflower Cosplay
Prince Charming/David Nolan: Dave Williams


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  3. where did u get the costume I'm trying to find dress and there isn't one anywhere