Monday, March 16, 2015

Freedom Japanese Market Candy Product Review

Let's be honest; we all love candy! Recently, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try some sweets from The Land of The Rising Sun; Japan! Freedom Japanese Market is an online store where you can order Japanese products that are delivered right to your front door. Several options are available ranging from sweet to sour candy, DIY candy, gum, mints and even food and spices. Freedom Japanese Market offers a snack box subscription where one pound of an assortment of candy and snacks are delivered to your home for $25 a month. Shipping is free worldwide. There are no renewal or handling fees. You can even send a box as a gift! Subscriptions are handled through paypal. You can cancel your subscription anytime without a penalty fee. Let's take a look at the yummy treats I received from Japan!

My snack box included a very helpful list with photos and a description of all of the snacks and candy in the box (which was very helpful because the writing on the candy is in Japanese). The friendly letter also included an origami heart made by Sanae for Valentine's Day. Below is a list of the candy I received along with a description and my thoughts on taste testing the products:

1. Dark Chocolate Kit-Kats: The classic Kit-Kats you love, coated in delicious layer of dark chocolate. My thoughts: I am actually not a very big fan of dark chocolate however, I found that the wafer combined with dark chocolate was very delicious. The wafer made the dark chocolate less over powering.

2. Kanpai Ramune: This mini mug is filled with ramune candies. My thoughts: This candy was very yummy and had a taste that very much reminded me of lemon iced tea.

3. Rilakkuma Petzles: Honey butter flavored pretzel sticks in very cute bear package. My thoughts: This was one of my favorites snacks in the box! The honey pretzels were sweet without being sugary.

4. Karamucho: Hot chili flavored potato chips; a favorite in many Japanese homes! My thoughts: These are the type of potato chips that you can't stop eating! The chili flavor was very satisfying without being salty like American potato chips. They were not oily or greasy. This was another personal favorite of mine.

5. Umaibo: This month's flavors are pizza (green, white, and red) and onion salad (gold package). My thoughts: This was another snack that wasn't over powered with salt so you can really taste the flavor. It is best described as a very large cheese puff in terms of texture and shape.

6. Pokemon Karipori: A delicious tart, slightly fizzy candy with a grape or melon flavored candy coating. My thoughts: This candy is like pop rocks but in the form of sticks. This is something kids would definitely love!

7. Kaki no Mi: These savory rice crackers are a great little snack, and are really hard to put down. This product contains nuts. My thoughts: These thick crackers are very hearty and have a taste of sesame to them.

8. PukuPuku Tai: Similar to traditional Japanese Taiyaki, but with fluffy chocolate filling instead of sweet bean paste. Fortified with calcium! My thoughts: Another one of my personal favorites! This wafer had a creamy chocolate center that was mouth watering.

9. Hora Dekita DIY Candy: Making "candied apples" is as easy as following the directions on the package! My thoughts: This was hands down my favorite product! The miniature candy apples came with candy syrup for dipping and sprinkle candy. The candy apple was soft and the syrup wasn't overly sweet.

10. Maze Maze Drink: Mix and match candies to create your own flavors and tell us what you like best! My thoughts: Fun flavored candy very much like jelly beans.

Final thoughts: I discovered a very big difference between American candy and Japanese candy. American products seem to be packed with more salt and sugar thus masking the flavor whereas Japanese candy doesn't use the ingredients as much therefore, you get more of the flavor. On the occasions that I do eat candy, I tend not to eat too  much because it is too sweet and makes my teeth hurt. I didn't have that problem with any of the candy I taste tested. Everything was favorable yet light. It was very enjoyable tasting amazing candies and snacks from overseas. CLICK HERE  for information on ordering a subscription box!


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