Friday, January 23, 2015

The Difference Between Cosplay & Pro Modeling

Costuming and professional modeling are two very different things. Costuming is all about fun and playing by your own rules. It's about expressing your fandom, crafting and bringing a character to life. Professional modeling is about completing a job you were hired to do by a paying client. You have to be at a particular location at a certain time. You must be professional at all times and contracts are signed. On some occasions you are paid in cash, others in check. Call sheets and instructions are given such as "please exfoliate your skin the night before" or "please make sure your hair is washed the night before and do not apply any product". Sometimes you are on set with dozens of people. Other times, that number is much smaller. I have personally felt like a Barbie doll as I am whisked around a set, my hair being played with, my skin being studied and being dressed and studied by the wardrobe department.

You have to be aware of every part of your body when you are in front of the camera. You cannot just strike a heroic pose like you would do in costume. When you are in costume you have the thought process of "What would Supergirl do?" (or whatever character you are dressed as). When you are modeling it is 100% YOU. The expression in your eyes, the angle of your face, the position of your hands, literally EVERYTHING matters. Sometimes you are directed, many times you are not and you must provide a variety of poses and facial expressions.

I have been modeling since 2010. I have been hired locally for fashion and beauty photography and have also been hired out of state in places such as New York and Washington D.C. I have been published in national publications. Modeling is fun for me and I love the creative process. True, it's very different from costuming  but that's what I like about it. I don't want to strictly do costumes only. That is for fun. Modeling is different. It's professional and I enjoy working with talented artists who are skilled in photography, makeup, wardrobe and sets.

Below is a gallery of some of my favorite modeling images throughout the years (both trades and paid assignments).

Photography credits:

Future Photography by M3
Crumz Photography
Bodhi Tree Photography
Len DePas
Photos and Designs by Piera
Bombshell Pinups
Latina Magazine
Micheal Becker Photography
Dan Gregory Photography
Robert S Photography
Exclusive Photo
Nikki Adams
Dale Ramp
Celeste Giuliano
Angelo De Le Funte


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  1. The photos are amazing, Victoria. Especially the ones by Future Photography and the Cleopatra photos.