Saturday, January 3, 2015

Interview: Photographer Dru Phillips (AMPCosplay)

Photo by Your Mojo by Jojo
Fashion photographer Dru Phillips of AMP Cosplay has brought his unique and creative eye to the world of costuming. Based in Georgia, the man of many talents has a gorgeous portfolio full of stunning images of characters that rival those seen in Hollywood. He has evolved from photographer to cosplayer and is a member of the Heroes Alliance charity organization. Dru took some time to talk to the Confessions of a Cosplay Girl Blog about his art as a photographer, charity work, the first character he choose to cosplay and much more.

Victoria: How long have you been a professional photographer?

Dru: I have been shooting pro for about 6 years, 7 if you want to count 2015. lol

Victoria: What made you set your sights on cosplayers?

Dru: Well, the reason I started shooting cosplay is because I went to DragonCon by accident one year and when I saw the quality of some of the costumes, I wanted to capture it but outside of the con atmosphere. I wanted to treat cosplay the same way I treated my fashion work. The only difference is hair, make up, wardrobe, and model are usually the same person so it makes life super easy.

Victoria: Who was the very first cosplayer you photographed?

Dru: I have photographed on the serious note Margie Cox first. We did her Elektra. And as you can see from my body of work, she has kind of become my muse.

Victoria: You have a very unique style. What is your approach and goal when you are photographing people in costumes?

Dru: I am looking at the costume and how it sits on the model the same way I look at dresses and suits when I do fashion. I am interested it showing the quality of work that costumers put into their product.

Victoria: Have you attended any conventions?

Dru: I have attened DragonCon, MegaCon, attended and worked MomoCon, and I have been to a few small ones that I can't remember the names.

Victoria: In addition to photographing cosplayers, you are also a photographer for the Georgia branch of the Heroes Alliance. What's it like capturing moments between costumers and children's charities?

Dru: Oh man, photographing for HA is the reason I personally started cosplaying myself. You can not beat the reaction you get from a kid who sees Wonder Woman. Not a woman in a costume but actual Wonder Woman or Superman or whom ever. It's a feeling that hits the soul and brings out a very human happiness. A child's genuine smile can change your whole outlook on life.

Victoria: You have also joined the Heroes Alliance as a costumer. Who made your fantastic Green Lantern costume? Why did you pick that character?

Dru: My costume was made by Margie Cox and I picked that character because he represents a lot. As a black male there aren't too many heroes in the comic world to look up to and the Green Lantern on a whole but particularly John Stewart represents a thing that I feel a black male needs to survive and that's Will Power. There are so many things out there and young black kids need to see something other than the typical rapper or basketball player, or killings on the news by what they feel are also heroes. Hope I didn't get to political.

Victoria: Not at all. Thank you for sharing your views. What was your first experience at a charity event as Green Lantern like? What was your experience with the children?

Dru:  Oh man my first event was okay. It was Super Hero Day at the Fernbank Museum and I left part of my costume. But I was told by the other heroes that it has to happen at least once lol. But the event that was memorable is when I did the Buddy Walk. That's were kids lit up and mouths dropped open and even adults were captivated. I rarely pick up a camera now for events.

Victoria:  Where can people contact you and view a portfolio of your work?

Dru: Well, I am all over the web,,, and and I am in a traveling gallery Exhibition. But any of those sites would be fine. Best if people follow me on the Tumblr and Facebook though.

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