Thursday, November 20, 2014

Product Review: Five Wits Doctor Sweetie Spoiler Song Wig

Photos by Green House Photography
The Five Wits is an online company specializing in cosplay wigs, ball-joint doll wigs and eco-geek shirts. Located in Oklahoma, The Five Wits wigs are made from heat resistant Hiperlon. Their website is very informative. The FAQ section has information listed such as wig washing, how to detangle a wig, using curlers and more. Shipping is available to Canada and any other country where it is legal to ship from the United States. Payment is accepted using paypal and money order. A large variety of wigs are available in short, ponytail, medium and long in a selection of different colors. Today's review is for the Doctor Sweetie Spoiler Song wig inspired by Doctor Who character River Song. Currently listed for $35 and measuring at 33cm long, you can view the item HERE.

Corresponding with the Five Wits representative via email was very pleasant. Their costumer service  was first class. My Doctor Sweetie Spoiler Song Wig arrived in a brown envelope. The wig was secured in a net inside a resealable plastic bag. Attached to the wig was a tag which listed helpful information on combing, washing and styling your wig. I used this wig for Professor River Song.

I fell in love with this wig the minute I tried it on. It's hard to find a good quality wig that matches actress Alex Kingston's hair. I have seen many that look too poofy and resemble more of an afro. Others use cheap fibers that give it that Barbie doll look. The Five Wits wig looks natural and is a gorgeous texture. The curls and shade of blonde are a perfect match for the Doctor's Wife.  It also photographs beautifully. The Five Wits is one of the best places to order wigs from on the web. I am very impressed by how they run their business. Their website has a lot of information regarding all of their products, tips, a large stock of different items and great costumer service. I highly recommend ordering from The Five Wits website!


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