Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Man of Steel and Trinity Set

Photo by Future Photography by M3 with edit by
SII Posters
Planning a photo shoot with a large team of artists takes time and patience. It took several months to plan a Man of Steel themed photo shoot which included costumers Jason of JET Cosplay, Kevin D Cosplay and photographers Miguel of Future Photography by M3, Marvin of Hero Hotties, Brian of Green House Photography and Piera of Photos and Designs by Piera. The shoot took place in my home thus proving that having a creepy large basement can in fact be good for something. Many people drove a long distance to make the shoot a possibility and when they all arrived, I was dressed up as Queen Elsa from Disney's Frozen (having just returned from entertaining children at a birthday party).  It was exciting that this was finally coming together. I loved the Man of Steel movie and we had an amazing cast of costumers and photographers. We also decided to take things a step further; since Kevin cosplays Batman and I cosplay Wonder Woman, this was a great opportunity to get some Trinity shots.

Two costume changes were required for me for the Man of Steel set; Lois Lane and Faora. After washing off my Elsa makeup and slipping off the blue sparkly gown, I changed into Lois Lane (which requires less makeup than Faora). Superman and Lois shots were taken as well as Superman, Lois and General Zod. 

Have I ever mentioned how much it irritates me that they kept Amy Adams red hair for the role of Lois? I wouldn't have to wear a wig for this if Zack Snyder remained accurate to Lois' appearance. Amy Adams doesn't look like Lois Lane in Man of Steel; she just looks like Amy Adams. It took me forever to find a wig this shade of red. Lucky for me I found it at a wig shop local to a relative's house. It was the only orange based red wig in the store priced at $25. It was literally collecting dust on display. It is quite beautiful however and it will be used for Anna from Frozen for parties. 

Next up is Faora which is a costume I have only worn once for a brief shoot earlier this year. Unfortunately with all of the chaos of the day, I forgot to put my belt on and didn't realize it until I saw the photos. Costume fail. The short wig is made of human hair. I tend to feel quite self conscious in it but it photographs well.

After a pizza break, it was time for Zod and Faora to change into Batman and Wonder Woman for some epic Trinity shots and one romantic shot with Superman.

Great times were had behind the camera and a lot of laughs. For some, it was the first time meeting and working with one another and it was an absolute blast. New friendships were made, fond memories and some stunning art. My thanks to all of the artists involved with the shoot whom I am honored to call friends. 

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