Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Product Review: Pinky Paradise Cat Eye Lenses

Pinky Paradise is the largest circle lens store on the internet. They have a large variety of colored contact lenses including special effects. There is an entire section devoted to cat eye lenses which I will be reviewing today. The G&G Cosplay Cat Eye Lenses (Green 082) are listed on the Pinky Paradise website for $21.90. Made in South Korea, the lenses are good for one full year. The Cat Eye Green Lenses comes with a free contact case. You also receive hair accessories to hold back your hair as you place the contacts in your eyes. You can find a direct link to the item HERE.

I selected these lenses for a specific costume; Cheetah from Wonder Woman. When it comes to applying makeup or body paint, inserting the contact lenses is always the first step. You must put them in makeup free with clean hands to insure that you do not get any makeup or paint into your eyes. It also ensures that you will not smug or ruin your makeup or paint. After putting in the lenses, I applied makeup to my eyes (three colors of eye shadows, eye liner and mascara). Once the smokey eyes were done, I began to paint myself.

During the three hour process, I noticed that the lenses constantly moved about. Not only did they move but they completely rotated in my eyes. I repeatedly had to stop painting to readjust the lenses. It was difficult trying to paint myself with the lenses moving and impairing my vision. This made my job a lot harder. I applied eye drops but that did not help. Prior to this, I had worn the contacts a week earlier for roughly 4 hours. I was hoping they just needed to adjust and that my second trial run would be better. The situation did not improve and I had the same problem after wearing them for 5 hours which resulted in a headache.


I contacted some of my personal cosplay friends for advice and they informed me that cat eye lenses, no matter the brand, are "notorious" for spinning in the eyes. Apparently the only way to avoid the problem is to purchase weighed lenses. The spinning is no fault of Pinky Paradise. It's the sad reality of how these lenses work. One friend I spoke to, told me they simply fix the lenses throughout the course of the day at a convention. Once I was done getting ready and began to take photos, I did have to fix the lenses often. This was difficult because I was painted. I had to leave one of my fingers bare so that I wouldn't get any paint in my eyes. If you plan on using any brand of cat eye lenses that are not weighed, I would recommend you do so for a costume that doesn't require you to wear paint.  I will say that the color of the lenses are absolutely beautiful. The green really pops and they photograph well. They truly do look like the eyes of a feline. It was the prefect compliment to all of the work I completed on the costume. 

Photos by Green House Photography

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