Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Product Review: Hulk Eye Contact Lenses from Spooky Eyes

Photos by Green House Photography
Spooky Eyes has a large variety of contact lenses available on their online store. They have many different types of lenses including natural colored contacts, Halloween, Cosplay and Special Effects. I recently received a pair of their Hulk Eye Contact Lenses (green). Priced at $28.95, these lenses are currently in stock with free shipping available. You can view a listing of the Hulk Eye Contact Lenses HERE and visit the sites main page HERE. I used these contacts for my teenage Buttercup Cosplay from The Powerpuff Girls.

After deciding which costume I would be using the lenses for, I placed the contacts in my eyes around 12:30pm and wore them until 6:30pm. I wanted to give them a good long trial test to see how they would hold up at a convention. The lenses were quite comfortable and I did not experience any vision impairment. Throughout the course of the day, I actually forgot that I was wearing the lenses. This shade of green really pops and photographs beautifully. I did not experience my eyes drying out or the contacts moving.

This is my second review for Spooky Eyes. Unfortunately I experienced problems with the first pair of contacts I received back in July. I'm happy to report that my second pair were much better. I was very satisfied with this product. The Hulk Eye Contacts are great for Cosplay, Photo Shoots or a casual look.

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