Monday, September 29, 2014

Fan Boys Don't Own Me

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Get ready for a very honest and to-the-point entry. I am very upset. Recently I have been dealing with fan boys who make sure to attend every appearance I make in the area. Now you may say it's great that I have people who support me however it appears that some seem to be getting angrier and angrier with me. The reasons vary; I didn't respond to something they wrote on my Public Facebook Page or they ran into me at a show and I did not have the courtesy to post that I would be there. This feeling that they have, that I am obligated to inform them of where I am going and it is my duty to respond to them on my page makes me uneasy.

Like many cosplayers around the world, I like to share the work that my photographers and I do online. I love to attend conventions to have fun with my friends and loved ones as an attendee. Sometimes I am there as a guest or a member of the press. On other occasions, I have been there on behalf of the charity organization I work for. I've promoted appearances that I make but I do not promote when I am going to have a sign up table for the charity organization. The reason for that is, I must keep "Victoria Cosplay" and the charity work I do separate. The focus of the charity work is to spread our mission and inform local costumers who may be interested in joining our cause. I am not there to promote myself or sell pictures. It is about giving back.

Do I deserve fan boys getting angry with me to my face because I did not promote that I was going to be at a show even after I explained my reasons? No. I shouldn't even have to give a reason. It's my private decision on weither I want to make public where I am going. Am I obligated to respond to comments made on my page which has over 9,000 people on it? No. It's impossible to respond to every one. Yes, I appreciate the people who have supported my work but I was never in this for the "Likes". I costume because it makes me happy. I am not doing it for anyone else. I do it for me. I know there are other women out there who say they do it for the fans. They accept gifts through the mail and take votes on what character you want them to dress up as next. They make it very clear they are doing this for you, the fans. That is not me.

Costuming is a form of self expression for me. It is an outlet for me to express myself creatively. It's amazing that people support me. It's amazing that people like my work. I am by no means brushing my supporters off. I appreciate it beyond words. But don't act like you own me. Don't approach me as if I owe you because you clicked "Like" on my page. Respect the boundaries. Respect my duties to charity. And respect my decisions if I don't want to make pubic what shows I am going to and who I am with.

Please feel free to hit "Unlike" if you wish. It's not the end of the world for me.


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