Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Costume Break Down: Couture Maleficent

Welcome to the first edition of 'Costume Break Down' on the Confessions of a Cosplay Girl Blog! Costume Break Down will highlight one of my costumes followed by a detailed description on how I put it all together.  The first costume I'd like to spotlight is Couture Maleficent. I decided to create this look for many reasons, the first being that Angelina Jolie is my favorite woman in the world. Her beauty, talent and work with the United Nations have kept me enchanted with the actress for as long as I can remember. I was thrilled when it was announced she would be playing Maleficent, who is my favorite Disney Villain.

 I decided to go with a Couture version and not her traditional look because it was more cost effective. I drew inspiration not only from Angelina's appearance but from a Designer Maleficent doll released by Disney a few years ago.  I began work on this costume and finished it the week the film was released. As fate would have it, I ended up doing a photo shoot in it on May 29th, which was the day I attended an early screening (the film was released on May 30, 2014 however my local theater was having a showing on the 29th at 7pm).

Horns: I made two pairs of horns prior to the final ones before getting it right. These were made using a head band, two dixie cups, wire, aluminum foil, duct tape, black ribbon and hot glue.


Wig: I am very fortunate that there is a local wig shop with lace front wigs available at affordable prices. This was something that I pulled out of my cosplay closet. I had purchased it two years ago for a Celebrity Cosplay Group at Dragoncon where coincidentally, I was Angelina Jolie. 


Gloves: These were pre-made gloves that I altered. I cut the hand area off completely, sewed it up then sewed on a lace trim. 


Jewelry: I was a bit stumped when it came to accessories. I knew I needed something to complement the dress but I wasn't sure what. Hot Topic to the rescue! I found some official movie merchandise there and selected this ring and crystal necklace with a black feather. 


Staff and Dress: The dress is something that has been in my closet for quite a while now. It is from a department store. I made the staff. I purchased the wood at Home Depot and spray painted it gold. I also spray painted some plastic leaves gold as well. I purchased the clear ball from the craft store. I glued the leaves on using hot glue and attached the ball to a piece of craft foam and glued it to the top of the staff. I don't recommend this however, being that the ball has fallen off. 


Makeup and Contacts: Kandee Johnson uploaded an amazing Maleficent makeup tutorial on her You Tube channel and I highly recommend it. Brace yourself however; putting on this face takes a lot of work! Beauty Tip: I used the official Maleficent lipstick by MAC. My contact lenses are from Pinky Paradise



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  1. You're costume looks great! What was the name of the green contacts you bought from Pinky Paradise? There are many different ones to choose from but yours look awesome!