Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ask Victoria!

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Many people have a variety of questions for me regarding charity work, costuming, conventions, modeling etc. so I decided to bring back the 'Ask Victoria' feature! Questions were left for me on my Facebook Page and now, I bring you the answers. Thank you to everyone who submitted!

Jesse L. Asks:  What got you into doing charity work and what charities normally spark your interest?

Victoria: I survived a horrific car accident several years ago that left me in a wheel chair. At first, doctors were not sure if I would be able to walk again. I know what it is like for your life to suddenly change and the different emotions you experience. You go through shock, fear, depression and anger. Things seem hopeless. It's so important to let as much happiness in as possible. Your sanity depends on it. I want to reach out to others who need help. Kindness goes a long way. Love goes a long way. It can inspire you. It can heal you.

As much as I love costuming, I also have to admit that I'm sick of the egos and drama. We can use our talents to give back. That's a very powerful thing. I wanted to take the focus off of me and put the spotlight on these charities that do wonderful things for children and their families. I don't want to be too self absorbed. If I can give back, I will. With working for the Heroes Alliance, we focus on child-related charities.

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Shaun S. Asks: Would you do a Make-A-Wish for a child?

Victoria: I have worked with the Philadelphia chapter of the Make-A-Wish-Foundation. If I was contacted by them to make a particular wish for a particular child come true, I would absolutely jump at the chance to grant it.

William H. Asks: Will you ever make it to the Motor City Comic-Con in Detroit?

Victoria: I currently have no plans on attending that convention. If you'd like me there as a guest, the best thing you can do is write to the people running the show and recommend me as a guest. You can also message me on my Facebook Page so we can communicate about shows in your area.

Ray M. Asks: Who inspires you the most in terms of  just life, fictional and non? Heaven, both if applicable and how?

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Victoria: My late grandmother inspires me. She was a kind and loving woman and was always there for her family. She also loved the Lord. She inspires my relationship with my family, to put them first
and always be there for them. She inspires me when it comes to charity work and helping others.

 Fictional characters who inspire me are Belle, Lara Croft, Wonder Woman and Snow White. Belle longs for adventure like most of us, is a bookworm like me and sacrificed her freedom for her father without hesitation. Lara is smart, dangerous, sassy, sexy and confident. I'd love to go on her adventures even though most of them would scare me to death! She inspired me to work hard when I was going through psychical therapy and learn how to walk again. Wonder Woman was the first female super hero I was exposed to. I grew up watching the Lynda Carter series then later graduated to comic books. I'd love to have her life, to train on an island of female warriors. She's a goodwill ambassador and can kick major butt. She can hold her against the best of the male super heroes. She's tough yet feminine and let's not forget that she's royalty! There's so many reasons to love her. Snow White is a survivor. She survived the heartbreak of loosing her parents and survived repeated attempts on her life. She found a support system with the seven dwarfs and kept pushing forward. And she got her happy ending.

David P. Asks: If you could be any of the characters you portrayed, who would it be?

Victoria: Wonder Woman.

Bobby T. Asks: What superhero would you love to cosplay the most?

Victoria: I'd love to do Batgirl. That would be fun and different and I can relate because just like Barbra, I use to be in a wheel chair.

Ian S. Asks: Do you have a costume in mind that you haven't tried yet because it might be too difficult?

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Victoria: I'd love to be Iron Man but I don't even know where to start with something like that.

John C. Asks: Will you be going to New York Comic-Con?

Victoria: No, I do not have plans to travel there this year.

Claudio A. Asks: When you look into making a costume, what do you take into consideration?  Design, characters, values?

Victoria: It's not nearly as that complex for me. I costume who I love. That's it.

James R. Asks: Do you plan on coming back to any of the shows in Pittsburgh?

Victoria: At the present time, no. Not this year.


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  1. Thank you for answering my question. I can see you cosplaying as Batgirl.

    You truly are an inspiration.