Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cosplay Spotlight: JAZE Cosplay

Husband and wife team Aime and Lance aka JAZE Cosplay have rocked the costuming world with their movie quality costumes and props. The talented couple have been guests at shows all over the country and have wowed the crowd with their highly detailed and first class craftmanship. Aime and Lance took some time to talk to the Confessions of a Cosplay Girl Blog about their art, how they met and a memorable encounter with 'Thor' actress Jamie Alexander.

Victoria: How long have the two of you been in the hobby of costuming?

Aime and Lance: If by standard definition of costuming, we'd have to say all our lives! lol Ever since we were young we both have always loved celebrating Halloween because we get to dress up and become anything we want.  However, it wasn't until two years ago that we both made the decision to seriously begin to challenge our creative minds and take our costuming to the next level!

Victoria: What was the first costumes you created?

Aime and Lance: For me (Aime) my first cosplay was Xena: Warrior Princess and for Lance it was Marvel's Daredevil (movie version). Two strong characters that each of us admired and loved emulating!

Victoria: What is the most difficult costume you have ever constructed?

Aime and Lance: The most challenging costumes for both of us were our Thor and Sif from Thor: The Dark World. They weren't so much difficult per say, it's just that we had such little time before the debuting convention to construct both suits of armor as well as props (and a full ODIN costume in addition), that it was a challenge to get them all completed both quickly and efficiently. Nevertheless we pushed ourselves to the limit, supported each other through every step of the way, and success was achieved!

Victoria: Are you currently working on anything new?

Aime and Lance: We have a few 'surprise' projects in the works (will be able to reveal more as they progress!).

Victoria: How did the two of you meet?

Aime and Lance: We met through a mutual friend and have been inseparable ever since! We love sharing every waking moment together, it truly is as if we are one soul.

Victoria:  That's so beautiful! Do you have a favorite "couples" costume?

Aime and Lance: Astronema and Psycho Silver! We love the story behind their relationship, the challenges they faced when falling in love, the inner-duality that both characters had to experience, and overcoming all odds for each other!

Victoria: What conventions will you be attending for the remainder of 2014?

Aime and Lance: Currently our convention line-up for the remainder of 2014 consists of PowerMorphicon in Pasadena, CA August 22nd-24th and Comic Media Expo in Mesa, AZ October 17th-19th and possibly a few others which we'll know more within the next month.

Victoria: You have met many celebrities in your travels. Do you have a favorite celebrity encounter?

Aime and Lance: We've met quite a few celebrities, many of whom we are now happy to call friends. One of the most memorable encounters has to be with Jaimie Alexander (who is just as sweet as can be) at the Comikaze Expo last November. We stepped away from our booth for a minute to check out the AMC Movie panel she was on, and as soon as she noticed us she interrupted her own interview to point us out and have her handler request a photograph with us when she was done.

Victoria:  Where can people contact you for bookings and view a portfolio of your work?

Aime and Lance: For bookings and events we can be contacted via email:JazeCosplay@gmail.com Our portfolio and event galleries can be seen via our website: www.JazeCosplay.com And our other social media sites are: www.facebook.com/JazeCosplay      www.twitter.com/JazeCosplay www.instagram.com/JazeCosplay    www.pinterest.com/JazeCosplay    www.youtube.com/user/JazeCosplay

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