Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cosplay Spotlight: Freya

At this years Megacon Convention in Orlando, I had the pleasure of meeting Freya, a stunning costumer and historical actress. Freya's Power Girl made such an impression on the convention scene,  she was offered a job at the 2013 New York Comic-Con. In addition to being an accomplished costumer and fitness guru, she also devotes a great deal of her time to charity work. Freya took some time to chat with the Confessions of a Cosplay Girl Blog about her career and her many accomplishments.


Victoria: According to your Facebook page you are a performer and historical costumer. You have some stunning period pieces on your page. Can you tell me about being a historical costumer?

Freya: It's very, very hot. But a lot of fun. It’s a totally different game that most ‘cosplay’. I can’t tell you how many times I was in 6 layers of heavy fabrics in hot 100 degree Florida sun. Although I was never SCA, I think it’s the ultimate ‘cosplay’, since many times we have full encampments and many members never break character. Often, the members live for several days as these characters. I have learned to appreciate air conditioned convention centers so much!

Victoria: What was your first super hero costume?

Freya: My first hero was Power Girl. She was the first character I thought that I could “fit”, being a woman of size. I got hooked on her because of Amanda Connor’s version.

Victoria: When it comes to historical costumes and superhero ones, do you have a preference? Is one more fun than the other?

Freya: I actually hate spandex. It's awful. I prefer the linens, wools, silks and other fabrics and notions of history. I’m a tactile person. I love the way it all feels. I also enjoy the systematic way everything has to go on. I like the pomp and excessiveness of some of the time periods. Superheros are more ‘fun’ though. And much easier to move around in, usually.

Victoria: Which costume took the longest for you to create?

Freya:  I think that would have to be my Tudor gown. It was my first big gown and I just jumped in and taught myself as I went. I thought it was ‘finished’. …then I thought it needed beadwork. It actually still isn’t done. I stopped working on it when it didn’t fit anymore. It was a LOT of fabric to deal with and because I’m 100% self taught, it was laborious.

Victoria: In addition to being talented and absolutely stunning, you also do a great deal of charity work. Kudos to you for giving back to the community! Why is it important to you?

Freya: I got to the point where I’ve taken so many photos and had my costumes as something that was all about ME (selfish, I know). I think I reached the age where I thought there HAS to be something more to this. It gives me a real reason to do it, other than just getting attention. Although my characters are almost never recognized, the children seem to at least understand that I’m a hero. I find it most interesting little girls’ reactions. They don’t care who I am, they just know I’m a girl, like them and I’m a hero. I get lots of hugs that way.

Victoria: You are very psychically fit. What's your daily regimen like?

Freya:  I can tell you what my regimen SHOULD be. I fall off the wagon often. But having been 220+lbs only a few years ago, it’s a constant battle for me. I have to choose every meal carefully. I also go to the gym. A lot. I am a lifter, because I have some characters in mind for which I will need a lot more mass. Because of how I’m built, I learned that I am a powerful weightlifter. I found my fitness. I usually hit the gym in the late afternoon for several hours. Soon, I will begin to add a bit more cardio, which I hate because I’m terrible at it. I also supplement a lot. Nothing crazy of course, but I take high quality vitamins, BCAAs and lots of protein shakes.

Victoria: You were hired for the 2013 New York Comic-Con. Can you tell me what that experience was like?

Freya: It was intense. I am SO grateful to Vinnie Tartamella for that experience. He is an absolutely amazing artist who made me into his Power Girl. Since he is an artist, we were in artist alley and not on the main convention floor. I’m still kind of a ‘nobody’ in the community, so thankfully I wasn’t overwhelmed with fans and friends. I had to make a trip to the main floor to pick up some goodies for friends and oh my god! Thank goodness I had a friend to act as a handler to get me through. Once you stop for a photo, you’re stuck forever! I have attended DragonCon since 2005, so I’m no stranger to the paparazzi wall, but NYCC was a little different. It is more an industry con than a costumer con. For that reason, ANY costume is a huge hit. I had a wonderful time, but I don’t think I’ve ever been so exhausted. I only wish I had the chance to meet some of the other costumers that were there.

Victoria:  Are you currently working on any new costumes?

Freya: Yes!! I have been on a creating hiatus for the last 9 months or so, due to some changes in my private life. I wasn’t able to make anything new, or even had a lot of inspiration. But, its starting to come back!! I’ll be debuting some new stuff very soon. Giganta is up next! Shooting for a She Hulk as soon as I can as well.

Victoria: What conventions will you be attending for the remainder of 2014?

Freya: Supercon (Miami), Tampa Bay Comic Con, UltraCon (ft.Lauderdale), DragonCon (Atlanta) ….after that…I’m not exactly sure. However, there is a good chance I’ll be in Puerto Rico next May!!

Victoria:  Where can people contact you and view a port of your work?

Freya:  I’m embarrassed to say I STILL don’t have a real site up yet. For now, the best place to find me is I am also on twitter and Instagram, both as Golden Freya.


  1. Always awesome to see you in costumes or just in civvies. Great article. I was SCA for a time and I mostly did Elizabethan stuff, and yeah, in Florida it has a price to be paid in sweat!

  2. I just met Freya at Mini Con. Amazing person.