Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Worst "Cosplay" Questions I Have Been Asked

Over the course of 8 years I have been interviewed by many websites regarding costuming and other hobbies that I enjoy. During this time I have been asked the absolute worst questions that are rude, invasive to my privacy or flat out dumb. I don't understand how anyone (mostly men) think it's appropriate to speak to a woman like this but then again, that's the problem isn't it? These guys forget that I am a woman. I am a person. I'm someone's daughter, sister, aunt and girlfriend. Would you ask your daughter these questions to post on the world wide web? Probably not particularly when most of these questions are resulting in information that will bring a crazed fan boy right to your front door step. Thanks for trying to risk my safety, pal. Below are examples of the worst questions I have ever been asked.

#1. My Phone Number: This is always a nice excuse "Can I have your phone number so I can do an over the phone interview with you? It's easier."  Actually, no it's not. I use to write for a comic website and conducted two over the phone interviews with artists and trust me when I say, it's a bitch playing back the audio and typing it up word for word. Why do these guys think it's appropriate to ask for my number? You're a stranger. Why the hell would I give you my number so you can abuse it later? Nice try. Just email me the damn questions.

#2. My weight: It's never okay to ask someone how much they weigh. Ever. And how is that relevant to cosplay?

#3. Photo of me without makeupWhy the hell do you want to see what I look like when I wake up in the morning? I get asking for a "normal" photo but without makeup? Really? For what?!

#4. Can I take you out for dinner sometime? Wait; what?!

#5. Family questionsWhat does my family have to do with cosplay? Why do you want to know how they reacted to me wanting to dress as a superhero? Perhaps you think there's a story there? Maybe you think they tried to ship me off to the Betty Ford Clinic cause they thought I had a "problem"?

#6. Can you give me your full name?: Obviously Sherlock, "Cosplay" isn't my last name but I think it's also obvious that if I'm using a stage name, it's because I don't want my full legal name out there. No you may not have my full legal name. It's none of your business.

#7. Can you tell me your city and state?: This is usually the follow up to the "Can you give me your full name?" question and is a great stalker tactic. If they have your full legal name and city and state, all they have to do is jump on Goggle and BAM! They can find out where you live. And I'm sure my boyfriend will be more than happy to make street meat out of you while I call the cops. Seriously, have a little respect. I always answer with "The Philadelphia area" which is true and vague enough because there are dozens of townships in the area but you don't need to know which one I live in.


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