Thursday, March 27, 2014

Amazicon Proves Unprofessionalism At Its Finest

Ever find yourself dealing with someone who labels themselves a "professional" only to discover that their behavior is anything but professional? It's certainly sad indeed when a grown adult acts like a toddler who is in desperate need of a diaper change. Harsh but true. Take the Amazicon Convention, taking place April 4th, 5th and 6th at the Clarion Hotel in Essington, PA. I met the owner of the show this past January at the Philadelphia Comic-Con at the Clarion Hotel where I was a guest. I was summoned to the Amazicon table. Someone was sent over and told me the owner of the convention  wanted to meet me. I was escorted to him and the owner made his pitch and said he wanted to me attend his show. He invited me to be a guest. I offered to help with the Costume Contest and we were booked.

Flash forward to late March with a little over a week prior to the convention. After returning from Orlando, Florida I wrote on my personal Facebook Page how I had many charity events, birthday bookings and trips coming up and life was good. Almost immediately I received a scathing email from the owner of Amazicon ripping me apart because I did not mention his show in my Facebook status. Well, read for yourself friends:

Now is this anyway to conduct a business? What gives him the right to tell me what I should be posting on my personal Facebook account, which is not public but private? Why get upset that I referred to his show as a local con when that is in fact, what it is? Why on earth is he saying that Awesomecon does not care about their attendees and doesn't want me there (when in fact, they do want me there as a member of the press)? Mike and Connie you have a lot to learn about running a business but furthermore, you have a lot to learn about communication. This is not how you talk to people. This is not how you treat others. I hope you both take this as a valuable lesson and learn from it particularly if you want your show to survive. I have been attending conventions all over the country for 11 years as a simple con goer, a member of the press, a cosplay guest and working for vendors. I have never in my 11 years seen such outlandish behavior. The Amazicon show should be embarrassed. 

A source reported to me that Amazicon has been getting emails regarding this manner from people scrutinizing them saying they are now refusing to attend, thus stressing the owners out. 

After removing Amazicon from my friends list, they continued to message me and I had to block them. They seemed particularly peeved that I said I was going to show everyone  what they said and then resorted to saying that I was in fact, the unprofessional one. Well as you said, Facebook is public, the internet in public. So let the internet see what you did, shall we?


  1. I am so sorry that happened to you.
    Thank you for sharing this with us so that we can all know what they are really like.