Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2014 Megacon Coverage

The 2014 Megacon Convention took place on March 21st-23rd at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Guests in attendance included George Perez, Amanda Conner, Darwyn Cooke, Allison Mack, John Barrowman and many more. A full guest list can be found on the official Megacon website.

Due to last years massive crowds, the show was moved to a bigger convention center. The extra floor space was indeed a smart move on behalf of the show. On Friday I remained in civilian wear and stopped by Billy Tucci and George Perez table. I also said hello to some friends over in Artist Alley and walked the floor with the lovely Lucid Cosplay. Towards the end of the show, I was approached by none other than Kevin Porter, who plays Batman in the Bat in the Sun films. He was only at the show on Friday. We had a nice long chat and it was such a pleasant surprise to finally meet him.

On Saturday, I was part of a Justice League shoot as Zatanna. Other members included Green Lantern, Black Lighting, The Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman, Mera, Green Arrow and Black Canary. We stood in the hallway for roughly 2 hours as people took our photos. On Sunday I elected to once again to attend as a civilian, say hello to a few more friends and get some shopping done.

Although there were some great costumes at this years show and I enjoyed the larger convention center, there was some confusion regarding exits on Saturday which caused a massive crowd spending up to an hour trying to get out. Hopefully this will be corrected next year.

Conventions have the power to bring liked minded people together and create friendships. I was thrilled to spend time with my friends and to make some amazing new ones. Nothing is better than fellow geeks coming together! To view a full gallery, Click Here!


  1. Sounds like I missed a fun event joys of living in England

  2. thank you for sharing all these photos with us!
    I am so happy to hear that Mega Con is now in a larger space.