Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cosplay Spotlight: Mini Harley Quinn!

There is nothing cuter than kids in costumes! It always brings a smile to my face when I see a child at a convention having a blast being dressed up as their favorite character. At the 2013 Megacon Convention in Orlando, Florida I had the opportunity to briefly meet Mini Harley Quinn, an adorable little girl with an impressive collection of costumes! How did she get into the wonderful world of cosplay at such a young age? Read on to check out my interview with Mini Harley and her Mom, Tracy.

Victoria:  How long has Mini Harley Quinn been cosplaying?

Tracy: Kara has been cosplaying since she was 20 months (roughly). She is now 5 years old. Her first convention was Megacon 2011. She dressed up as Supergirl since her name was Kara and we thought it would be cute. She wore the costume off and on and we just had it in the stroller and she decided when to put it on and when to take it off.  After awhile she just wanted to keep it on b/c she was loving all of the attention.

Victoria:  How many costumes does she currently have?

Tracy: Kara currently has 21 costumes with 3 more being added in the next month.

Victoria: Who makes her costumes?

Tracy: Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman are made by Holly Messinger (etsy and Facebook)!/HollyMessingerCostumes Vanellope is made by me except the jacket was made by Magic Princess Whitney (etsy)!/MagicPrincessWhitney  Disney Princesses are from LittleDressUpShop!/LittleDressUpShop, Elsa and Anna are Disney limited edition dresses, two new ones are by and the Megagirl that she will be debuting is made by us and the catsuit for it is by All props are made by us also. Her new Harley Mask is made by Jessie Melero.

Victoria: Which is her favorite character?

Tracy: Depends on her mood and who she has been hanging out with. She really likes her Supergirl b/c she “loves to fly”. She loves Harley b/c she likes driving her car.

Victoria:  Does she  like going to conventions and seeing other people dressed up?

Tracy: Kara says “I LOVE IT! It is my favorite part!!!” She loves interacting with other cosplayers and tells people “I am a cosplayer”. She will ask a lot of questions about the costumes and how they made things and she loves just having fun and playing with people. She also loves handing out her cards to help her puppies. Her promo cards have her site on one side and our dog rescue  on the other side.

Victoria: What is her favorite convention memory?

Tracy: She says her favorite thing was walking out with Joker as Harley Quinn before his wrestling match at Florida Supercon two years ago. She also loved playing with Belle at Animate Miami last month.

Victoria: Will she be doing any new costumes for 2014?

Tracy: She will have 3 new ones for Ultracon and Megacon. Megagirl (Roll dressed up as Megaman only in pink), Sue Storm (Fantastic 4), Mini Lady Deadpool. We needed to add some Marvel to her list and she will be meeting Stan Lee dressed as Sue Storm. (she likes that she can be invisible and that she is wearing blue) (Go figure lol).

Victoria: Who is her favorite super hero?

Tracy: Superman because he is the best and Supergirl because she flys and her hair is beautiful (this is what she said when I asked her) lol .

Victoria: Where can people contact you and view a port of your work?

Tracy:  is her facebook page, Instagram at MiniHarleyQuinn and Twitter at MiniHarleyQuinn she also has some of the other ones that I just check on occasion to see if there are pics of her. Don’t remember the names of them right now though but everything is MiniHarleyQuinn.


  1. The child was such cute,when they wear cosplay costumes,they like a little genius.Very nice.

  2. There is nothing cuter than kids in costumes! It always brings a smile to my face when I see a child at a convention having a blast being dressed ...

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