Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Interview: Kevin Porter

Actor Kevin Porter has won the geek world over with his portrayal of Batman in the fan films 'Seeds of Arkham' and 'Batman: City of Scars'. He has been hailed by fans as one of the best actors to ever wear the cape and cowl. Kevin took some time to talk to the Confessions of a Cosplay Girl Blog about how he got involved with Bat in the Sun productions, preparing for the role of the Caped Crusader, his thoughts on Ben Affleck and much more!

Victoria: How long have you been acting and are you trained in the arts?

 Kevin: I’ve been acting since college. I went to Newberry College in South Carolina on a football scholarship and was approached my freshman year to audition for the Robert Bolt play ‘A Man for all Seasons’. I fell in love with acting and theater at that point and it’s been a part of my life ever since.

 Victoria: How did you get involved with Bat in the Sun studios?

 Kevin: I first met Aaron and Sean Schoenke at the San Diego Comic Con in 2003. I was there making a Batman appearance for DC and Mattel. Aaron had a Bat in the Sun t-shirt on, and I was familiar with their first film “Batman Beyond: Year One”. I commented to them about it while on set, that’s actually caught on tape as Sean was filming all of this. They later reached out through a mutual connection and offered me the role of Batman in their next project.

Victoria: Are you a comic book fan?

Kevin: Always. I am a huge fan of the source material as that’s where the truth of the characters lies, in the intent of the writers. I have been an avid collector all of my life.

Victoria: How long does it take to complete a Bat in the Sun film?

Kevin: Well, for me, its pretty quick. I get the call from the guys and a specific date. That gives me lead time to get to where I need to be physically. City of Scars was an anomaly as it took well over a year and countless nights but mostly, with these mini-shorts as I call them that they are doing now, they are shot in a day or maybe two. But the true work comes after the shoot when Aaron pours over the footage and assembles the amazing edits that he does time and again. People don’t recognize Aaron’s genius editing as much. They all know what a great director he is, but the Schoenkes are the total package and have no weak spots. 

Victoria: What are your thoughts on Ben Affleck being cast as Batman in the Man of Steel sequel?

 Kevin: I think that he will do well. He's older, wiser and the suit will do most of the work. I trust Zack Snyder.

 Victoria: How did you prepare to play the role of Batman?

 Kevin: It's just something that is within me. It's very natural to shift gears. I am not this way in my everyday life. My demeanor is much more upbeat. But there is something that is amazing about the duality. This double life and putting on this second skin that brings out some hidden dark side. You access your pain, anger, rage...Its cathartic in a way.

 Victoria: Why do you think Batman is such a popular character in comics and pop culture?

 Kevin: Batman is American mythology. It's a child’s character that also matures with us as we grow. There are various interpretations for each stage of development. It’s a human hero that endures, who is flawed but triumphs. His heart, his drive and yes that dark side that most people never admit to having. Bottom line, Batman is cool. There's no arguing that! 

Victoria: What other film projects do you have coming up?

 Kevin: I just got word this week that I have been cast in a new film starring Jackson Rathbone. I play a biker and have a couple of great scenes with Andrew Dice Clay. It shoots in December and I couldn’t be more excited.

 Victoria: What does your convention schedule look like for 2014?

 Kevin: I’m not really sure. I have a few films lined up so my schedule may not accommodate many conventions. I would love to attend more as I love getting out and meeting people that appreciate the work. I will be at San Diego, that's certain! 

Victoria: Where can fans contact you and view a port of your work?

 Kevin: You can always reach me on the Fan page Kevin Porter Batman. You can also imdb me to find out what projects I've done or the ones that I have coming up.

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