Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cosplay Spotlight: Abby Dark-Star

The lovely and talented Abby Dark-Star is well known by comic fans and cosplayers alike. The multi talented beauty took some time out to chat with the Confessions of a Cosplay Girl Blog about making body armor, putting together her epic Arkham Asylum Poison Ivy, married life with fellow geek Zendragon and much more!

Victoria: How long have you been in the hobby of costuming?

Abby: I have been costuming since about 2006/07? I don't quite remember but it seems like forever!

Victoria: You have a very impressive portfolio of stunning costumes. How many characters have you brought to life?

Abby: I have brought probably over 20 characters to life? I honestly haven't kept track, I see a character and go "shiny" and then I'm off.

Victoria: One of my favorite costumes you have done is the Arkham Asylum version of Poison Ivy. Can you tell me about the process of creating it?

Abby: Arkham Asylum Poison Ivy was a tricky costume because it was very detailed. It involved body paint and prosthetics. I knew that it wasn't feasible to spend hours applying prosthetics so I came up with the idea of using a body stocking. I had Mike S. of DragonFyre Designs sculpt the vines which where then cast. I modified the body stocking and then applied the vines. The shirt was modified and I put the blue edging on it. The logo was applied to the back of the shirt. The wig was entirely done by me, as it was a base wig and then wefts sewn in to create the dramatic widow's peak that Ivy has. I then had a body artist paint my face, chest, hands and arms, and also apply the prosthetics. It was a long process, but well worth it!

Victoria: How did you learn to make more complex items such as body armor?

Abby: I'm still learning to make body armor! Thankfully I have great resources in the RPF and talented friends. Worbla is the most often used medium right now, and there are epic tutorials from Kamui cosplay online that can really help people get started!

Victoria: You're a newly wed! Congrats on your marriage! What was your wedding like?

Abby: Thanks! Our wedding was a convention. No, seriously! It started off as a way to celebrate my bday and then Zen and I decided, what the hey, why not get married? So we did! We had a long weekend with tons of friend in Vegas, we did limos, parties, had a VIP section at Steel Panther, it was amazing. Our wedding itself was in a gorgeous almond orchard! Of course there was geeky stuff everywhere as we asked our guests to bring a prop and even dress up. It was amazingly special.

Victoria: Is it fun sharing a life with someone who is as passionate about the hobby as you are?

Abby: I love being Zen's partner in this crazy costuming life we have. We really balance each other well! We're both crazy about accuracy and detail, so we encourage, inspire and create together. He is my partner in everything!

Victoria: What costumes do you have planned for the future?

Abby: Right now I'm planning on revamping some old costumes, as well debut a new costume for a video game I'm in, "Crystal Fury" from Comic ConQuest!

Victoria: An artist recently made a beautiful statue of you as fem Indiana Jones. What's it like being a statue?

Abby: It's hard to be a can't breathe or eat! Haha! No it is a wonderful compliment to be chosen to be immortalized like that, and I really love the fact that what would usually be my 'take' is all going to charity!

Victoria: How has costuming impacted your life in a positive way?

Abby: Costuming has enabled me to make amazing friends, have fantastic experiences and even recently allowed me to change career paths. Without costuming I wouldn't have been able to meet my husband, my best friend, or anyone else that is now part of my world!

Victoria: Where can people contact you and view a portfolio of your work?

Abby: Facebook is the easiest way to see my daily geekery, so

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