Thursday, August 22, 2013

Why the Superman/Wonder Woman romance doesn't work for me

In 2011 DC Comics launched the New 52, rebooting the entire DC Universe. I have to report that I've literally been cringing since the cover of Justice League #12 was unveiled. Superman and Wonder Woman's slow motion make out sessions have since been splashed across numerous covers, statues and t-shirts. At this point, I honestly think Jim Lee just likes drawing them making out at different angles. I'm going to be blunt; I am not a fan of this coupling. At all. Whatsoever. And the constant spit swapping art is one of many reasons why I stopped reading DC Comics New 52.

I have been reading comic books for 24 years. DC titles were always my favorite. Back in the 90's I was known as the "weird" girl who read comic books at school. I was the chick who wore boy size comic book t-shirts on dress down days, was in love with Superman and talked about some dudes name Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. I am not a "newbie" to comics. I've been reading them most of my life. Even as a child, I was never a fan of story lines that flirted with the idea of Superman and Wonder Woman together and I'm certainly not a fan of it now. Superman belongs with Lois Lane. End of story. She has been his love interest since appearing in Action Comics #1 (printed in 1938) and their relationship is the longest love affair in the history of comic books. It's iconic. It's classic and romantic. It's a part of pop culture. In the New 52, Lois Lane has been pushed aside, was given a boyfriend and is hardly revelent in story lines. To me this is very disheartening. Lois has always been one of my favorite characters from my childhood. She was the first woman I read in comics who was independent, had her own career, was strong and intelligent without having any super powers. Her in-your-face attitude was admirable and humorous and yes, playing the damsel in distress to Superman was romantic. They had chemistry both as Lois and Clark and as Lois and Superman. It took 60 years before their wedding took place in 1996 (and was erased in the New 52). It seems today as if Ms. Lane is being phased out and Jim Lee's statement that Lois and Superman will "never" be together in the New 52 seemed like he was giving fans the ultimate middle finger. It's not enough that this iconic character is being treated like chop liver but now, she'll never be with Superman? Gee, thanks. Why don't you just kill her off and get it over with since you think she's so irrelevant to Superman's mythology? We may not have to wait for that, being that in a recent issue (where Lois is laying limp in Superman's arms on the final page) it looks like she is out of the picture. Again.

The Superman/Wonder Woman coupling is lazy. They are the obvious people to throw together because they are super powered. Making Diana insecure about "fitting in" boggles my mind when she has an island full of her people back home. And just when it seemed Superman finally got over being the "last" Kryptonian, the New 52 reintroduces his depression on being the "last" of his kind. Essentially these two are bonding while they host a pity party for themselves which ensues in constant make out sessions. Are these two going to be marathoning the Twilight movies next or what?

The fan girl in me is literally dying seeing these iconic characters dumbed down like this. I had more respect for the Wonder Woman/Batman relationship in the Justice League Unlimited series. Wonder Woman and Batman bonded over their mutual respect for each other. They didn't bond over their weaknesses. They had a flirtation that was very sexy and I can easily see why they would be drawn to each other (other than the obvious reason). Bruce is Man's Greatest Champion. Diana is the Champion of the Amazons. And let's not forget Wonder Woman's classic relationship with Steve Trevor. They were a dynamic couple. Their clashing personalities and dangerous adventures made them one of the most interesting and fun couples in comics. There are many reasons why I stopped reading the New 52, the Superman/Wonder Woman relationship being forced down our throats being one of them. Their romance just doesn't work for me.


  1. Nice piece Victoria! Unfortunately the "dumbing down" of comics reflects the general pattern of doing the same for so many this - education, jobs, competitive sports. Change just for the sake of change itself when something is not in need of repair is a middle finger to all us.

  2. Thank you Kenneth and thanks for reading!

  3. The pairing was one of the breakpoints for me, as well, except it was after 45 years. That and the rumored demise of Nightwing.

    Very nicely said and reasoned out.

  4. i agree 100% i grew up reading clark and lois in comics. sups girl iz lois
    superman and wonder woman romance in the new 52 iz as dynamic as tying your shoe laces.