Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cosplay Spotlight: Spencer Doe

Cosplayer and artist Spencer Doe has been making a splash in the cosplay world with his multiple Batman costumes and infamous Predator. Not long after conducting this interview, I had the pleasure of meeting Spencer in person. Not only is he incredibly talented but he is also one of the nicest people I've had the pleasure of meeting. Spencer took some time for an interview with the Confessions of a Cosplay Girl Blog about his craft, future costumes (did someone say Man of Steel?) and cosplaying with his lady love, Nicole Marie Jean.

Victoria: When did you begin the hobby of costuming?

Spencer: I first started costuming back in 2007-2008.

Victoria: You have a large variety of costumes from movies and comics. Can you tell me about the construction of your Predator?

Spencer: The predator was sculpted from scratch by my good friend Gene. It was a pretty large project. We spent about 6 months creating two suits. The good thing about the Predator is the costume can evolve. You're not limited to anything. So you can add details as you go along. It is basically a torso and leg section that's held on with suspenders, separate hands and feet. A neck ring and then a open faced mask with a bio mask attached. It is probably the most uncomfortable costume ever devised, but it still is fun to wear.
Victoria: Are you more partial to the DC or Marvel Universe?

Spencer: I am partial to DC. BATS all the way baby.

Victoria:  Your stunning girlfriend Nicole is also a well known cosplayer. Is it fun having a partner to dress up with and collaborate on costumes?

Spencer: I love having my partner do this with me. We shoot ideas back and forth and do couples costumes. She really is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me for this and many other reasons.
Victoria: Fan boys are known to get a bit too touchy with female costumers. Have you ever had to experience this with your lady? Have you ever had to step in?

Spencer: They generally don't mouth off in person with me standing right there. She is pretty tough herself and can hold her own. It does happen online though and sometimes that bugs me. We both love this hobby and don't let it hinder us in anyway though. Like my buddy Keith Carter said about cosplay women, there are guy's out there that look at her and other girls and see their dream; a gorgeous geek, and shes bringing comic fantasy to life for these people. It's the quiet lurkers that you have to be mindful of lol...
Victoria: What is your favorite costume you have created?

Spencer: My fav costume so far because of the reaction is my Arkham Bat suit. It's funny to see grown men walk up and timidly ask for a photo.

Victoria: What costumes do you have planned for the future?

Spencer: I have Man of Steel Superman, Spawn, Venom, Colossus, Goliath from Gargoyles, Azrael and a couple others all planned at some point.
Victoria:  How long did it take to construct your Christian Bale Batman suit?

Spencer: The Bale batsuit is actually one of UD replicas Dark Knight suits. I had a latex version and it just wasn't comfortable and never flowed right with the posing I was doing. The UD suit zips right up and is a dream to wear. The other components were made by me and my friend Ed. The cowl by none other than Shawn Reeves of Reevzfx.com.

Victoria: Will you be doing any more Batman variants?

Spencer: I will be doing the new Batman Arkham Origins suit. I will be doing all of the armor on that and putting it over a base suit. The only thing I won't be making is the cowl.

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