Sunday, April 14, 2013

Interview: Kingdom Come Director Andrew List

In 1996 DC Comics released the mini-series "Kingdom Come" written by Alex Ross and Mark Waid (with art by Mr. Ross). The series chronicled the events of a retired Superman going back into action after the world has fallen into chaos due to the new generation of superheroes. Superman's return inspires other retired heroes to get back into the game but not without challenges from the government and Lex Luthor's Mankind Liberation Front. A war ensues when the rebellious new generation of heroes revolt and face off in a battle against our classic heroes (lead by Wonder Woman). Armageddon arrives when Captain Marvel, who is fighting for the MLF, and The Man of Steel face off.

The series quickly became a best seller and is a favorite amongst comic fans world wide. A Fan Film directed by Andrew List and starring Margie Cox and Danny Kelley will be released sometime this year. Read below to find out what the director has to say about bringing the classic story to life.

Victoria:  What made you decide to turn Kingdom Come into a fan film?

Andrew: I’ve loved comics forever. Superman stories are typically my favorite. I’m a big fan of the Death and Return of Superman story and Kingdom Come. They both have very biblical type feels to them and Kingdom Come was basically an untapped resource in terms of live action.

Victoria: What is it about the story that intrigues you?

Andrew: I really love the biblical feel it has in it, like Superman’s second coming in a similar meaning to Jesus’ second coming. I love the way the story is written and the way everything plays out in the story.

Victoria:  It was reported that fans donated a total of $10,000 to the film. Is this true?

Andrew: Incorrect. Our goal was to raise $8,000 for this project, we made it to $5,617! It ended up being just enough to cover some very important aspects in making this project come to life. I was beyond happy with how many fans dove in and donated to this project to make it come to life. I know it’s a cliche thing to say, but this really would NOT be happening if it was not for the fans help.

Victoria: How long did filming take and how many locations did you visit?

Andrew: Filming was packed into two very long days (6am to 10pm each day approx.) Without going into too many details we did visit 9 different locations to bring this to life.

Victoria: Will we be seeing memorable scenes from the graphic novel such as the battle at Gulag?

Andrew: No comment.

Victoria:  I understand that the film is in fact an extended trailer. How long will it run?

Andrew: Correct. We went the route of an extended trailer because to make the Kingdom Come novel into a full length film it would cost millions of dollars (as anyone who has read the novel can agree with). We wanted to get our favorite scenes and bring them to life. The estimated length of the trailer will be between 3-4 minutes.

Victoria: Can you give me a complete list of the cast and what part they will be playing?

Andrew: Sorry. I really can’t! But all that have been made public are listed on our Facebook page.

Victoria: When will Kingdom Come be released and where can people see it?

Andrew: No projected date at the moment (other than this year). It just really comes down to getting the visual effects to look as good as they can, which takes time! We want NOTHING rushed on this!

Victoria: What was your favorite scene from the book to bring to life?

Andrew: I know, another thing I can’t talk about! But I will say the Kent farm scenes were a whole lot of fun to film. Everyone worked together and made this come to life!

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