Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cosplay Spotlight: Jenn Croft

 The legendary Lara Croft will be making her triumphant return March 5th, in the highly anticipated Tomb Raider reboot. The game will focus on Lara's early years fighting for her life on a deadly and mysterious island.  In honor of Lara returning to the world of video games I contacted Jenn Croft, who is my favorite Lara Croft costumer for an interview with the Confessions of a Cosplay Girl Blog.  The California beauty, who currently resides in Australia, chats about her thoughts regarding Lara's new beginning, her 25 Tomb Raider costumes and which actress she would select to bring Lara back to the big screen.

Victoria: How long have you been cosplaying Lara Croft?

Jenn: 13 years.

Victoria: How many Lara costumes do you currently own?

Jenn: I think it's somewhere around the 25 mark. I stopped counting long ago.

Victoria: Do you have any Tomb Raider costumes planned for the future?

Jenn: Yes, I am about to start working on the sola wetsuit next week.

Victoria: What did you think of the movies starring Angelina Jolie? Would you like to see those films continue or do you think a reboot is in order?

Jenn: The movies were fun. I don't think they were as close to the games as they could have been but Angelina Jolie's acting job was great. That being said, I really hope there is a reboot because although they were entertaining, the movies do need a reboot to match the new Lara from this year's game.

Victoria: Speaking of reboot, the new Tomb Raider game will be released soon. How do you feel about them rebooting the franchise with a young, inexperienced Lara?

Jenn: I think it's great! This is a side of Lara that nobody has seen before so it was always this void in Lara's history that we never got to experience before. I am excited to see how the story of this game pans out and how it will compliment the heroine we all have come to love over the years.

Victoria: If you could cast a new actress to take over the role of Lara, who would you select?

Jenn: I would pick Lyndsy Fonseca because to me she looks just like the reboot Lara and has proven that she can act the part of an action girl from her role in the TV show Nikita.

Victoria: Aside from cosplay, what other hobbies do you enjoy?

Jenn: I have many hobbies. Probably too many, in fact. I enjoy extreme sports such as rock climbing, base jumping, skydiving. I love motorcycles and firearms. I have a huge passion for animals as well. And that is just to name a few.

Victoria: Do you have any new costumes currently in the works?

Jenn: Yes, the Sola wetsuit from Tomb Raider 2!

Victoria: Will you be attending any conventions in 2013?

Jenn: I may be attending some conventions in Australia this year such as Supanova or Oz Comic Con both in Melbourne, but it's still uncertain at this point.

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