Friday, February 1, 2013

Cosplay Spotlight: Freddie Nova

Last year a collection of Venom photos, which used the concept of liquid latex, made a splash across the internet and became a viral sensation. It literally made cosplayer Freddie Nova a household name in the world of geeks and catapulted her into one of the leading ladies in cosplay. Freddie has an extensive and impressive portfolio that has brought her world wide recognition and admiration. Although she has accomplished a great deal, she remains humble, kind and continues to practice her talents and craft. Freddie took some time for an interview with the Confessions of a Cosplay Girl Blog about the backlash and censorship of the Venom photos, constructing costumes and her plans for 2013.


Victoria:  How long have you been cosplaying? 

Freddie: At Conventions, just shy of half a decade, been dressing up as characters since about 14 years old (17 years ago)

Victoria: What conventions will you be attending in 2013? 

Freddie: Toughest question I've been asked yet! Last year I had a well planned out list by this time with the 11 I attending in 2012 but Con planners really clustered & overlapped dates this year making scheduling very challenging. My only definite ones as of now are C2E2, Phoenix Con, Wizard Chicago & Steel City Con. Possibly Rose City (Portland), Baltimore or Pitt Con & Detroit Fanfare. 

Victoria: What was your very first costume?

Freddie: Lady Death

Victoria: Some of your stunning costumes such as Female Skeletor and Lady Death require body paint. How long does the process take?

Freddie: Up to 2 1/2 hours. For someone not covered in tattoos I imagine could take a little less time.

Victoria:  Will you be debuting any new costumes for 2013?

Freddie:  I always do a handful of new & then revamp a few old to save closet space :)  Songbird from Thunderbolts, Femme Spawn, Mrs Freeze, Formal Venom Dress, Cassandra Cain Batgirl, Shi & a surprise MOTU are all under construction so far. And Femme Robocop will be debuted Sat at C2E2 at Superhero Photography by Adam Jay booth, constructed mostly by Hermes Terciero from Brazil then finished by Alex Petrowski (formerly of Monster Makers) & myself.

Victoria:  Your infamous Venom photos were visually stunning and ground breaking.Unfortunately it received some backlash and the images were reported and removed on Facebook. The experience must have been frustrating. How did you cope with someone trying to sabotage your art?

Freddie: At first I was like "what a DOUCHE!" & then we all laughed when it backfired in their face & all the 1,000s of fans posted it over & over going MEGA viral. It's enlightening to see what people will defend when you abuse rights & art :)

Victoria:  What advice would you give to other artists who find themselves being censored?

Freddie: Where the censorship proudly & know it just means you are doing it right. Art is meant to evoke emotion & that's a pretty loud one :) For those not aware as far as FB is concerned, that issue has finally been resolved, an actual human now checks the images for legality first & emails a report back on their decision. So no longer will photos just be removed unrightfully by haters.

Victoria:  Can you take me through the procress of making your Witchblade costume? How long did it take to construct?

Freddie: My Witchblade was at a major stand still for months so not so sure on time total. But it started with collecting pics of her and staring at shapes then trying to mimic shapes onto a 6' sheet of craft foam & then LOTS of cutting out for a surplus of shapes. I then took a silver lycra monokini & long sleeve shirt & cut desired form & stitched together for a base to glue on & had at it overlapping the foam shapes. I then primed, coated in rubber latex & painted & then used a generous amount of toupee tape to adhere to my skin.

Victoria:  Is there a dream costume on your list that you have yet to create?

Freddie: VOLTRON! :D Also I would love to do one of the elaborate Cry for Dawn costumes one day but my limited sewing abilities have been holding me back.

Freddie does not believe in having a "Fan Page", but welcomes anyone to subscribe to her personal FB page: where costume progress pics & good ole fashion Nerd humor are posted daily. (Just please hit Subscribe not Friend Request as it congests the page feed, Thank you)

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