Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cosplay Spotlight: Zack Santiago

 Zack Santiago's costumes and craftmanship are best described as impressive. The New York native who currently resides in Florida, is well known in the world of cosplay. Zack took some time to talk to the Confessions of a Cosplay Girl Blog about his craft, commissions he has available and the world of comic books .

Victoria: How long have you been cosplaying?

Zack: I think its been around 6 years really doing cosplay for cons and focusing on projects. Though I've been making costumes since I was 6 designing characters and making costumes. Playing pretend throwing whatever I can on to look like the character I'm pretending be. My parents always thought I was odd sometimes but I'm also from an odd family. lol. They were always encouraging of me and my hobbies. My mother was the one who taught me to sew with a thread and needle.

Victoria: What are your costume plans for 2013?

Zack: My plans for 2013? I'm currently working on a IronMan mk7 suit. My goal more so then anything is I won't be making costumes that I can't also use for doing charity events and visits to children's hospitals. I enjoy costuming and cosplay but I'm always asked by friends to make costumes for groups and skits and whatnot but it's costly unless they make the suit lol then I'm game. So major goal is to focus what costumes I can do to change up what people will see me in usually and also be effective for charity events.

Victoria: What is your favorite convention memory?

Zack: My favorite con memory? Honestly I can't really say. Usually each time is definitely a crazy experience lol. Though recently I did have a really amazing chance to meet Dean Cain at Dragoncon. During the big DC universe shoot I was wearing my Dean Cain Superman suit that my friend Danny had given me. I was told by my friend Bryan he was working on trying to get him down for the shoot. Naturally I'm excited though I figured I probably would be lost in the crowd of people to Dean. Lo and behold they ask me to step down from where I was to stand next Dean for the group pics. I just was in shock meeting the Man of Steel! I did everything in my power not to cry in front of him (I totally cried after though) he liked my suit and complimented me. We grabbed pics together and honestly it still makes me tear up knowing I got to meet a big part of my childhood.

Victoria: Would you say that cosplay has had a positive impact on your life?

Zack: Cosplay like anything else has its positives and definitely its negatives. It's always nice to let those positives outshine the negative. What's been something positive is I'm known for doing alot of different Super Hero costumes. Most people are just people in Costume sometimes they're the same person despite the cape or mask. I know many others who feel otherwise and its inspired me to do the same. I don't suit up and act like someone else as much as people feel. I've been inspired by others around me to maintain that wanting and willing attitude to still be a positive role model. I'm imperfect as all humans are so I do have my moments that are less then positive though I strive towards self-improvement everyday and offering to help others whenever I can. A big thing I enjoy most is the feeling of putting on the suit and visiting children in hospitals and seeing them smile and being in high spirits despite their health. It really makes everything worth it.

Victoria: You are currently accepting commissions. What types of costumes and accessories are you offering and how can people place an order?

Zack: I currently make custom pillows for nerds I have a wide selection of possible styles and variations I can make. Hats are something I'm.toying around with too. I also do props and costumes, though, I've been pushing more of the pillows since they been a popular item. I make RedHood animated style hoods (they're fabric not resin). I'm currently working on other projects like custom hoodies an utility belts for future options for people who want to commission. I'm always open to messages via I'm working on an Etsy and fb page. I do have a fb though I'm trying to separate commission stuff and personal.

Victoria: What comics are you currently reading?

Zack: Ironically with all the crazy stuff going on and in around comics I haven't read one in some time now. I do know my comics and I keep update though its gotten costly so I stick with reading my old stuff. lol.  Less hassle to deal with for my wallet and I stay up to date with what's going on in the stuff I like.

Victoria: What are your thoughts on the new Man of Steel trailer?

Zack: The Man of Steel is the topic alot have been discussing. I am a Supes fan for sure the new trailer recently I think really reminded me what I'm excited for. People been upset still with the content of the trailer be it music or something. I honestly enjoyed seeing the action and something that didn't seem like a trailer for Aquaman the movie. lol.

Victoria: Speaking of comic films, what is your favorite comic book movie?

Zack: Good question. I'm a simple guy actually I find something I can appreciate in most comic book movies I watch. I really can't say which I like more really it'd be a long list lol though for the sake of picking one of them I'd say I always enjoy watching BATMAN Returns.

Victoria: What's the worse comic book film you've seen?

Zack: Now I know I've said I look for the good in every film I watch .......but omg I can still list horrible comic book movies I've seen. lol. Though at the top of the list would probably be "Catwoman". I'll just leave it at that. lol

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