Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012

This year marked my second time attending the New York Comic Convention held at the Javits Center October 11th-14th. I attended the show Friday , Saturday and Sunday and debuted two brand new costumes; Huntress and Snow White. The Big Apple is one of my favorite cities and I looked forward to returning along with my event photographer, Brian Green.

Unfortunately I spent only about an hour at Friday's show due to transportation and traffic delays. I dressed up as Sydney Savage and had the opportunity to take pictures with J. Scott Campbell along with Ally as Abbey Chase. Mr. Campbell was very nice, posed for a fun picture and said he liked our costumes. I was also asked by an employee to pose at the Kotobukiya booth for their website. My photographer and I stopped by the Legendary Entertainment booth where we received free promotional t-shirts and a  necklace lanyard. We ran into some friends and I also received my new Huntress costume (the mask would be delivered Saturday). That night we attended a private party where we had dinner with friends. I retired early that evening because of a sinus headache I had throughout the day.

On Saturday morning I had to make a run to Kmart to purchase a black sports bra for Huntress. The mask was delivered by my friends Carlos Blanchard and Courtney Rose of Rage Custom Creations (Rage Custom Creations is also responsible for the entire Huntress ensemble). The crowds were massive on Saturday, so much so that it was rather upsetting. It was nearly impossible to stop and enjoy anything on the showroom floor. The crowds consistently knocked and pushed people over. Cosplayers were blocking entrances and exits to pose for photos and we couldn't find Artist Alley. We ended up leaving the show and returned to our hotel room to recharge. In all honesty we were debating on weither we should return at all. The crowds were San Diego crazy in terms of chaos. After catching up with Candy and Brema of Three Muses Clothing in the lobby of our hotel, we decided to make another try for it. With map in hand, we found Artist Alley and ended up having a ball. We spent time with several friends including Dustin Dorough of Hospital Heroes and Iggy Cosplay. I also got to see amazing artist and friend Billy Tucci , legend George Perez and met Young Justice Comic artist Christopher Jones. I was delighted to be asked for a photo by a gentleman who introduced himself as Joe Staton, the original costume designer for Huntress! He complimented my costume and my portrayal of the character. I was stopped at the Kotobukiya booth once again and was asked to pose with their Huntress statue. Saturday ended at the con with a quick shoot with Adam Jay of Superhero Photography.   That evening Brian and I had some New York pizza with Candy and Brema and we all headed to Times Square for some fun at Toys R Us and the Disney Store.

Sunday was another day to debut a new costume that was sponsored by a friend; Snow White. I was really excited about this one because I had conquered my fear of facing racist criticism. I have seen comments online during my six years of cosplay where people have criticized me simply because I am Hispanic. Race isn't an issue for me when it comes to choosing characters I want to portray and it angers me when someone says  I can't do something because of the color of my skin. When selecting Snow White as my next character, I knew that it may cause attacks from people best described as racists. At first I was troubled but it soon melted away. I will not allow anyone to ruin my hobby of costuming and I certainly don't care about the opinions of those who can't see past the color of my skin. They can shove their racist complaints up their big, fat hairy butts for all I care. On Sunday we took an Archery Lesson courtesy of the Tomb Raider team and took a photo with a life sized Alien courtesy of Sega. We took a tour of Artist Alley where I had a nice chat with artist Jamie Tyndall and was asked to pose with the Middle Eastern Magazine Amor. We ran into friend and artist Eric Basaldua and caught up with some friends before we had to return to the hotel and make our way back home.

The show started out rough with all of the traffic delays getting to New York City and arriving extremely late. Factor in the massive aggressive crowds along with the other stresses of convention life such as wardrobe malfunctions and drama, and it can add up to a pretty miserable experience. I'm happy to report that things indeed took a turn for the better and we ended up having a lovely time. Most of that is because of the wonderful people I have the privilege of calling my friends. I am undecided if I want to attend next year's show. As I stated in my DragonCon report, I'm weary of the big industry shows and favor events such as DragonCon, MegaCon and Wizard World Philadelphia. My last show for the year will be a local one in November. After that, I am unsure as to what shows I shall attend in 2013 (although DragonCon and Wizard World Philly is most likely a definite, yes).

To view my full personal gallery from the New York Comic Con 2012 show, check out my Facebook Fan Page.

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