Monday, August 20, 2012

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special with Matt Senereich

Mark your calendars! On Sunday, September 9th Adult Swim will air the highly anticipated Robot Chicken DC Comics Special (at midnight).  In an exclsuive interview, Robot Chicken writer and co-creator Matt Senreich gives us a sneak peak on what hilarious adventures we can expect featuring the iconic characters of the DCU.

Victoria: Why did you decide to make a special focusing on the DCU?

Matt: We're all big comic fans. It's really that dorky and simple. That and we've known Geoff Johns forever. He approached us about playing together and we always look for ways to play with him.

Victoria: Will the special feature all new footage or will we see segments previously aired?

Matt: All new footage. Nothing previously aired.

Victoria: Why is Superman such a jerk?

Matt: Is he a jerk? I like to think he's just a bit cocky and arrogant because he knows he's the most powerful man on the planet.

Victoria: Will we see any characters that have no yet appeared on Robot Chicken?

Matt: Lots. Lots and lots and lots. We just went crazy trying to jam pack this special with as many DC characters as we could. Obscure ones especially. And we create a few new one for DC lore.

Victoria:  How long did it take to complete the special (in terms of animation)?

Matt: Probably about 15 weeks all in.

Victoria: Poor Aquaman seems to be the butt of all the jokes in the Justice League. Why does he get picked on so much?

Matt: The JLA look at him as not being able to do much with whatever powers he has. He's an easy target, so the Justice League targets him. hahaha.

Victoria:  Have you been reading the New 52 and if so, what are your thoughts?

Matt: I have been reading a few. Liking what I'm reading.

Victoria: How long will the special be?

Matt: 22-minutes.

Victoria:  Any plans to release it on DVD?

Matt: You know it.

Victoria:  Is it fun creating humorous personalities for these legendary comic characters?

Matt: A dream. I get to play with toys for a living.

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