Friday, July 6, 2012

Interview: Artist Des Taylor

Des Taylor's stunning superhero pin ups have become one of the hottest things to hit the web! Collector's are scrambling to own pieces of his original artwork which have received international recognition and praise. Combing the beauty of vintage photography with earth's greatest heroes results in some of the most exquisite artwork I have ever seen.  Read on to learn more about this acclaimed British artist in my exclusive interview for the Confessions of A Cosplay Girl Blog.

Victoria: Tell me about your original creation, Vesha Valentine? What inspired you to create her? What is she about?

Des: The Vesha Valentine Story tells the story of this fictional bombshell who rockets to stardom on the strength of her beauty, charm and talents. Begun as an art book, The Vesha Valentine Story began to take shape in his mind when I was commissioned to use the character in a series of displays for Theo Fennell’s (the UK’s jeweler to the stars) Christmas Window display in 2009. It was from there that my thoughts began to veer towards a more story-driven project for the cartoon beauty. My love for the screen sirens like Rita Hayworth, Monroe, Garbo and Anne Margaret inspired me to put out a book that was different to what was out on the shelves.

Victoria: What projects are you working on right now?

Des: Oooooohh! The return of my first character Katie Rogers at the moment in the OGN THE INFAMOUS KATIE ROGERS. This will be taking up most of my time this year followed by Legend of The Blue Lotus which is sort of a retro-crime-fighting character.

Victoria:  Did you attend art school?

Des: Yep! Did a Foundation Course in Art Design and Graphics then went on to West Herts college to get a Diploma in Graphic Design and Image-Making. Word of advice to anyone wanting to pursue a career in design... forget sleep and ALWAYS hit your deadline!

Victoria What made you decide to merge pin-up and superheroes?

Des: It was a conscious decision looking at all of the DARK themed comics that are on the shelves at the moment. Too much! They are not the type of books I read growing up and not the type I shall be introducing to my little ones. Early last year I created a Pin Up Wonder Woman which sparked a frenzy on the web so I thought why not explore re-imagining some other characters too.

Victoria: What conventions will you be appearing at this year?

Des: Did a successful stint at KAPOW! London and I shall be at San Diego Comic Con and Thoughtbubble in Leeds this year.

Victoria: What are your thoughts on the New 52?

Des: Oboy! Gotta be honest...not a fan! Too dark, twisted and sexual (except the Batman/Owl story arc which is exceptional) and I can't get to like the characters like I did in the past. I understand you have to re-boot your characters every decade but this reboot was not thought out well. Superman... who I LOVE... I can't get to like the new high collared costume with the heavy boots. Wonder Woman... costume..not bad but the comic is not giving WW fans what they want and don't get me started on Detective Comics. Where is the detection? DC could have used this to show Batman's detective skills like a comic book CSI Gotham. In all, the whole line is aimed towards adults and there is nothing left for the kids, the next generation of consumers. I looked at the comic for Voodoo and half of it is of her stripping in a strip-club?????

Victoria:  Are you looking forward to the Man of Steel Superman reboot film?

Des: I am. Iif anything just to see the big-man up on the screen again. LOVE Superman films, even though the last one didn't really do well there were still a few things I liked about it. I'm sorry though, the AVENGERS was the best super-hero film I have ever seen. The whole experience with the audience whooping and hollering just added to it. We all came out of that in tears of laughter at the Hulk's antics. Brilliant, and can't wait for the sequel.

Victoria:  How long does it take you to create a work of art? What's the creative process like?

Des: Well...I wake up at the crack of dawn ( have a 4 month old baby I use as an alarm clock LOL) and start to sketch, then go back to sleep for an hour or two, when I wake up and start inking, scanning the artwork, rendering and then coloring each character. I then work like an animator placing each element where I want them and then determine the environment, lighting and mood. It's a bit tedious on some occasions but I am happy I have developed a style people love and have gathered a loyal following .

Victoria: Where can people order prints and commissions of your art?
Des: People can go to my site to purchase what is up there, for something unique or if they see an image they like on my blog or Facebook page...just ask! Drop me a mail! However, I only do short runs of designs, even 1 of 1. I like that very few people own a Des Taylor print or sketch.

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