Saturday, June 9, 2012

Support needed for the Wonder Woman film "Heritage"

Photographer Adam Jay has been taking the cosplay world by storm with his stunning images. He is currently the most sought after photographer among cosplayers and after seeing his work, it's easy to see why. His photographs look as if they are from the set of Hollywood's latest comic book blockbuster. Now that Adam has conquered the world of photography, his sight is now set on bringing every ones favorite Amazon to life.

My earliest memories of Wonder Woman comes at the age of 7 years old. I would watch reruns of the Lynda Carter show daily and found myself spinning across the living room pretending to transform from Diana Prince to Wonder Woman (and usually ended up crashing into the coffee table). I've loved her nearly all of my life and am beyond frustrated that DC Comics owns the most iconic female superhero in the world and does nothing with her. Her comics are badly written and no real attempt has been made to make her more marketable or mainstream. She's the third wheel to Superman and Batman. DC has kept their focus on Bruce and Clark for far too long in terms of live action films, animated movies, and so forth. Although they have tinkered with the idea of giving us a little more of our Amazon Princess (such as her appearance in Batman: The Brave and the Bold and the 2009 direct to DVD animated film) it appears DC is deathly afraid of really putting an effort in Diana and when they did, they failed to protect her.  Case in point is the 2011 Wonder Woman television pilot starring Adrianne Palicki. The episode featured Diana as a foul mouth vigilante who threatened citizens on national television and killed henchmen. As a Wonder Woman fan, I was horrified and thanked the gods that it was not picked up by the networks.

Thankfully our prayers have been answered for a respectable live action Wonder Woman.  Adam Jay has recruited a talented team for his next project, the fan film "Heritage" but he needs your help.

Donations are currently needed to make this project a reality. The film will be directed by Adam and starring Sarah Scott, the stunning model featured in Adam's photos. The goal for funds is $10,000 and every little bit helps. Your contribution will not go unnoticed (unless you would prefer it that way) and you will receive a special thank you as seen below:

Wonder-ful: $2

(minimum contribution amount)
A thank you on our website. :) Unless you would prefer to be anonymous, of course.

A Thank You !: $5
(minimum contribution amount)
A thank you on our website, and a hi-resolution wallpaper of Wonder Woman for your desktop!

Signed by Sarah: $10

(minimum contribution amount)
A thank you on our website, a hi resolution wallpaper of Wonder Woman, and a signed print of Sarah in the costume! :-)

The Big TEE !: $25

(minimum contribution amount)
All of the aforementioned items, and an exclusive, handmade silkscreened Wonder Woman tee shirt from Scrapped Clothing.

For Cosplay Enthusiasts: $50

(minimum contribution amount)
All of the aforementioned items, plus an exclusive digital download of costume maker extraordinaire Hermes explaining his creative process for each of the movie’s key pieces, and a limited edition printed photobook.

The Coffee Table Book: $100

(minimum contribution amount)
All of the aforementioned items, plus a printed photo book with exclusive photos from the movie of all of the characters. Limited to 10 people.

A Great Score: $200

(minimum contribution amount)
All of the aforementioned items, plus a behind the scenes DVD of the film and behind the scenes footage, and a digital download of the movie’s original score.

Props Galore: $500

(minimum contribution amount)
All of the aforementioned items, plus an exclusive prop from the movie; your choice of Wonder Woman’s sword, or Wonder Woman’s lasso, or Wonder Woman’s shield. Subject to availability and which prop you get is first come first serve. Limited to the continental US, Canada, and the UK/Europe.

The Costume!: $1,000

(minimum contribution amount)
Everything else plus, Wonder Woman’s costume. Limited to the continental US, Canada, and the UK. Only one person! Costume cannot be adjusted for sizing.

No Perk, just a contribution!

Contributions can be made via the following link:  and you can find out more information about the project via their official website:

I recently had the pleasure of working with Adam at the recent Wizard World Philly/Philadelphia Comic Con 2012 show. I can say with greatest confidence that I know Wonder Woman is in safe hands. She will be brought to life in a beautiful and unique way. As a Wonder Woman fan and a fan of Adam's superb photography,  it's important to support this project. DC Comics feels Diana is too much of a risk and has repeatedly failed to give the fans what they want. The fan film Heritage will breathe life and respect to the champion of the Amazons.

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  1. You love Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl. That is awesome. The Amazonians are some of my favorite DC Comics characters. They need to give them some live action screen time!