Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con 2012 coverage

The Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con rolled back into the city of brotherly love with a new twist. The three day event was extended with its first ever Preview Night with hours operating from 5pm until 9pm. Preview Night is no stranger to shows such as the San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con but the additional half day was a welcomed treat to Philadelphians. The show took place May 30th, 31st, June 1st and 2nd and featured an impressive roster with celebrities from both the comic book world and Hollywood.

Comic Book legends Stan Lee and George Perez were in attendance as well as Avengers superstar Chris Hemsworth, Superman Dean Cain and cast members from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Spartacus. Private photo sessions were offered with numerous celebrities, the most popular being the "5 Captains" session where you could be photographed with Star Trek's William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew and Scott Bakula. A full list of guests can be seen on Wizard's website. Vendors from all over the country were present selling everything from comics to vintage toys.

I attended the show all three and a half days. The show room floor appeared much larger this year which was a welcomed change. There was more space  for fans to walk around and more options in shops and allies featuring artists and celebrities. The show was very well organized in terms of space and the employees were knowledgeable and helpful. The larger guest list meant that there was more people to meet and see than previous Wizard World Philly shows. Although the crowds were small on Preview Night, I was still impressed with the amount of people who showed up. Die hard cosplayers including myself, embraced the opportunity to strut the convention floor an extra half day. I've always said that the best part of these shows is being with your friends and Preview Night was no exception. I saw some impressive costumes and also got a bit of shopping done. For Preview Night I attended the show as Wonder Girl (Cassie) with my friends in tow as American McGee's Alice, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy (Arkham inmates variant).

On Friday I had the pleasure of working with Superhero Photography and Superhero Stuff at their booth as Elektra with famed photographer Adam Jay. The Elektra costume was on loan and made by Ally Cat. Fans were invited to take a picture in front of a green screen with cosplayers. Carlos Blanchard, the infamous "Midevil Batman" was also working at the booth along with stunning model Alexia who wowed the crowd as Poison Ivy. For a small fee, your photo was edited with a background and printed on the spot as a keep sake (a digital copy was also emailed to costumers). A screening for the fan film "Legion of  Injustice" by Together Brother Productions (in which I star in as Supergirl) was held later that evening. After the movie screening we headed back to the convention floor for a Marvel photo shoot with Stan Lee.

Saturday was the day to debut an original cosplay months in the making. I was honored when Han Pan and Lucid asked me to be part of their 1950's Gotham Girls group as Catwoman. The dresses were designed and made by both Han and Lucid. Months of sewing  as well as research into the style of the times, hair and makeup were needed to pull this off. Our cosplay was met with praise from con goers, friends and celebrities alike and we took home second place aka Honorary Mention in the costume contest later that evening. DC Comics George Perez (whom I had the pleasure of meeting at Megacon during my Lois Lane/Superman shoot) stopped us as we passed his table for a photo. I attended a DC shoot where Mr. Perez was our guest of honor. I also met actors Dean Cain and Amber Benson that day and was pleasantantly surprised to see Bryan Nguyen at the show, one of my favorite cosplayers.

The final day of the show was a bit more relaxing for me. I had no obligations and was able to stroll the convention floor at my own pace with my companion. I decided on Zatanna since I have not worn that outfit for over a year and purchased new pieces such as a hat and bottoms. I completely forgot that I never replaced the bow tie and decided to search for one at the show. I purchased a red one which wasn't my first choice of color but is one of the variants Zatanna wears. I was quite pleased after adding it to my ensemble. The final day was filled with friends, meeting Walking Dead star Norman Reedus, artist Eric Basaldua, Ken Haeser of The Living Corpse and ended with friends over Philly cheese steaks. I'd like to thank everyone at the Wizard World organization for a superb and well organized show this year. As always, I am very much looking forward to next years event. A complete photo gallery can be seen on my official Facebook Fan Page.



  1. Thank you so much for sharing all the amazing photos and sharing your experience from the Con last weekend

  2. Hi, I'm writing an article for the Philadelphia Inquirer about superhero films' popularity with Philadelphians and saw that you screened your film League of Injustice at Philadelphia Comic Con. Does your film have a Philly connection--ie, you actors are from in or around Philadelphia--and is there one of the producers/directors I might call and ask a few questions of? If so, email me a private message with a number to call. My deadline is very soon, this Thursday, so the quicker I can make contact with someone, the better! Best email address to use: kmcquain [at] PS--Love your great photos!