Monday, May 14, 2012

Zenkaikon 2012

The Zenkaikon Convention returned to the Philadelphia area for their 6th year providing all the wonders and fun of the anime world. This was my fourth time attending the event and I can honestly say that each year it gets better (and the crowds get bigger). In 2011 over three thousand attendees were present. Clearly this is a show that is in high demand. This year the two day event was held on May 11th and 12th at the Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks, Pa.  

I have had unique experiences when attending this show. The first two times I participated as a fan who was excited that there was finally a local anime convention. Last year I was a guest on  behalf of actor Vic Mignoga who insisted I enjoy all the festivities after hosting a dinner party for him and his fans. This year I attended as a member of the press with my Blog photographer Brian and my gal pal Alisha. First I'd like to say how impressed I was with the staff. They were very pleasant and helpful and also did a wonderful job with crowd control. As many of us know, the anime crowds can become a  bit too hyper. That wasn't the case at all. It was a very pleasant and safe environment. The room reserved for LARPING was especially a stroke of genius (I'm not a fan of it and felt relieved I wouldn't have to worry about someone invading my personal space).

Many vendors sold imported items from Japan as well as talented artist selling their original work. Guest in attendance including voice actors Sonny Strait and Michele Knotz, comedian Uncle Yo, bands Platform One, The Asterplace and my personal favorite, a performace by Kyo Daiko. I attended the show as my original "Hatsune Loves Rainbow Dash" cosplay while Alisha was Shutterfly from "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". I met up with other friends and we had a great time shopping (my splurge was an original Rainbow Dash hat). In closing here are my favorite pictures from the show featuring cosplayers and items on display. My thanks to the staff at the Zenkaikon convention. I look forward to next years show! 

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