Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dear Mr. Trate

Not surprisingly another Slave Leia bashing article has surfaced on the web. This one however is in a league of it's own.
Not only did they specifically target the article Entertainment Weekly did on me preparing for this year's San Diego Comic Con (as Leia) but they also featured a photo they took of me at  Comic Con and went on to admit that they have taken several other pictures of me at conventions as Catwoman and Zatanna. After confessing they have several pictures of me in multiple costumes, they go on to state that they have no clue as to who I am (even though my name and information is listed in the Entertainment Weekly article he referenced). Furthermore the individual claims they were "surprised" to see me "three years"  in San Diego. The humorous thing about that statement is I first wore Zatanna to a con at the 2010 Wizard World Philly show aka the Philadelphia Comic Con and wore Slave Leia to California a month later. Where do you get a three year gap when those cosplays were in fact one month apart? When several of my friends defended me in this article, Mr. Trate instantly knew they were referring to me and mentioned me by name (after confessing he didn't know who I was).  Upon registering on the site to leave my own personal response, I found that my email account had all ready been blocked. Curious.

The article isn't solely about me but uses me as an example on why "Slave Leia is Dead" and goes on to accuse Gentle Giant Studios  using Leia for "marketing" (I guess he knows better than a multimillion dollar company with a contract with Lucasfilm and feels they should take his marketing advice) and accuses the models of not being real Star Wars fans. He accuses Olivia Munn and Adrianne Curry of being posers and that they only wore the metal bikini to promote themselves. Here's a prime example of educating yourself before you stick your foot in your mouth; Olivia Munn wore it as part of her job for G4 TV and anyone who knows Adrianne Curry is well aware that she is a proud geek and a major Star Wars fan.

Apparently Slave Leia was hot up until 2009 according to Mr. Trate. He admits he is a big fan of it. So what happened? No explanation is given. Perhaps he was snubbed or got turned down for a date by a Slave Leia model. His call on Slave Leia's to show their "creative side and do something different" leaves me asking:

 "Who the hell are you?"

Almost all of the Slave Leia models have other cosplays. I myself have over ten costumes and was named the Queen of Cosplay by the Modern Tokyo Times and Axiom Magazine. You know nothing about them, Mr. Trate. You are judgmental and prejudice. At San Diego Comic Con we are HIRED TO DO A JOB and you even admitted to stopping by the Gentle Giant booth to take a photo of me (and at several other

Mr. Trate encourages Leia's to take creative liberties with the costume and praises others who have done so completely ignoring the fact that the models must mirror Carrie Fisher's look. He lists other characters women should cosplay as if we want or require his opinion. Finally, Mr. Trate  attempted to reach out to me saying "his boss" had several "messages" for me stating the article was not meant to be personal. What made me howl with laughter is after getting into Lois Lane mode, I discovered that he was in fact the writer of the article and used unconvincing aliases that were easy to expose. Next time, don't pick something so obvious.

Now because I work in the real world and have a respectable full time job as a teacher, naturally I didn't discover this until after I got out of work. To find that someone once again is bashing my side job is unsurprising. How funny is it that someone on the outside is trying to tell professional models how to do their job. You're not our employer thus we are not required to listen to you particularly when some of us are veteran cosplayers. Save the requests for the Gentleman's club and stop acting like you're an authority because you're not.

To quote one of my fans:

"Yawn to the haters." The Slave Leia bashing is the one that's tired. I'm doing what I love, am successful in multiple fields and do not plan to stop.



  1. Good job Vicki. Just think of of haters as press... remember there is no such thing as bad press and if he knows anything about marketing you might have been blocked to prevent people from easily finding you. That might also be why he suddenly "forgot" your name. All bad press does is generate interest and for all the fans you have there is always going to be a hater even though you're one of the sweetest people I know. The bad press Eminem had (has) made him millions and a household name.

    Keep your chin up.

  2. Like so many pop culture articles, this "writer" pickers popular controversial topic just to get hit counts. It's called nerd baiting and it works. They don't care what the feedback is. The more clicks, the more revenue.

  3. I always found it hypocritical that no one ever complains that there are too many mandalorian or stormtrooper cosplayers. I'll see groups of them at conventions all the time, and people will talk about how awesome it is. Yet with Slave Leia people complain about how too many people wear the costume, or how it is soooo inappropriate. A girl shouldn't have to even explain why she is wearing that costume. Simply liking the character, being a Star Wars fan, and wanting to cosplay it should be enough. No other cosplay character is as over-analyzed as Slave Leia. People need to just get over it.

  4. @Amber: You are 100% right.

    @Luxxurious: Yeah, they truly do need to get over it. We are targeted because we are popular. We shouldn't have to explain why we do what we do or prove we own other costumes. And what's hilarious is the different aliases this guy created and pretended to "defend" and "speak on behalf of the writer" not mentioning that he was in fact the writer! If anything this guys is a hypocrite and has proved to be creeper and a liar.

  5. Major creeper! If someone is creating multiple accounts to comment on their own article they really have issues. Haha I don't see anyone complaining about other popular cosplays. Sounds like this guy is disgruntled. He probably wishes he could wear the costume.

  6. LOL! And you know, if there were Power Girl group gatherings then people would complain there are too many Power Girls. They are called Group Gatherings for a reason jackass and that's why there's multiple Leias. DUH! So sick of fanboys who think they know it all just because they read comics. We're actually in the industry, we're professionals and we are working for major companies. Take your cheaply made in China X-Wing helmet ass elsewhere.

  7. Victoria, I used to do a podcast with this very same Mr. Trate ( He no longer does the podcast-long story...though I think you have a decent grasp after reading your blog.

    We would LOVE to have you come on "his" old podcast and tell us how you feel. Some of our listeners would greatly appreciate this.

    By the way, it was a listener who turn us on to your blog this week.

    PS - your Catwoman outfit is HOT!

  8. Hi Kevin, I am very much interested! Please feel free to email me with details: