Monday, October 17, 2011

New York Comic Con 2011 Wrap up

This year was my first time attending the New York Comic Con Convention which took place October 13th thru the 16th at the Javits Center. I attended the show Saturday and Sunday and was eager to compare it to the crowds, chaos and excitement of the San Diego Comic Con.
After arriving in the Big Apple in the early afternoon with my event photographer Brian, we met up with our mutual friend Alisha, checked into our hotel and I changed into Slave Leia before heading out to the biggest comic show on the East Coast. Upon arrival I immediately noticed that some of the same displays at the San Diego show were also at the New York show (the up side down Spider-Man display, a life size Revenge of the Jedi action figure package, a life size model of Optimus Prime just to name a few). Of course there was plenty that was not at the San Diego show such as a Jem and the Holograms display at the Hasbro booth, Young Justice action figures featuring a completed Hall of Justice and the new 52 DC action figures featuring my personal favorites, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Cosplaying is obviously one of my passions and I find that when I wear the metal bikini to events, people get out of hand. Something about the image of Slave Leia puts comic geeks into overdrive and majority of them don't know how to ask for a photo so they grab you. I literally lost count with how many times someone grabbed me by the shoulder or arm. It happened within a few minutes after arriving on the convention floor. I turned around and said to many individuals  "Don't touch me." It's not a pleasant feeling walking around and a hand suddenly reaching out and pulling you back. I can't stress this enough: KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF AND USE YOUR WORDS. As usual the same problems arised; people asking for a photo while I'm talking to a friend, trying to text or make a call or while I'm attempting to take photos for my Blog. Even when I put my hoodie on (a clear sign saying I've had enough of taking photos) people still stopped me. I began to shoot down the requests. And to top it off a "wrestling team" with a camera stopped me for a video interview and began asking me the most inappropriate questions ("Admit that Jabba turns you on", "Does Han pull on this chain in bed?", "Do you have a vibrator?") and when they weren't getting the answers they wanted they claimed they "refused to believe I was a good girl". Assholes. I vowed not to cosplay Sunday. On a positive note, I did get many compliments. One woman thanked me for dressing up as Leia and many said I looked better and was prettier than the original princess (which is always odd to hear). Speaking of Cosplay, my friend Hannah arrived in her trademark flawless Harley Quinn and Alisha debuted her fabulous new Supergirl cosplay. Andrea, a beautiful woman I was introduced to by Alisha arrived as She Hulk and was a real crowd pleaser! Boothes had their mascots and representatives such as a lego BumbleBee.


Now let's talk shopping and art! For years I have always wanted a Moogle stuffed animal (from the Final Fantasy games) but they aren't available in America. I finally had the opportunity to get one at the Square Enix booth. That seriously made me happy beyond words. I always enjoy going to the Artist Alley to talk to the talented artists and buy prints. This year I discover Ant Lucia (check out his site HERE), who had a beautiful Princess Leia print at his table but what really caught my eye was a stunningly beautiful piece of Superman and Lois Lane. It was love at first sight for me and I immediately said "I'll take it!"  I also caught up with artist Vinnie Tartamella whom I have spoken to online for the past three years but never met in person (he also did a Mermaid commission for me a couple of years ago). I got three beautiful prints from him; two of his version of Alice and Wonder Woman. We also stopped by to see friend and Living Corpse creator Ken Haser. On Sunday I had a shoot for the Filipino edition of FHM magazine (the theme was black lingerie in a nightclub) then headed back to the show to meet up with friends and take one last tour of the convention. I caught up with artist and friend Billy Tucci and Eric Basaldua (eBas) who requested that I lay on his table for some fun shots. 

My opinion on the New York Comic Con was that it was a fun show with a lot to offer. It's better organized than the San Diego Comic Con (which in all honestly has too many attendees and not enough security and employees). I'm not saying that the crowds are better in New York; there's a massive amount of people and at times getting from point A to point B is close to impossible. The crowd is overwhelming. The Artist Alley was my favorite area but the best part of this show (and any show I attend) is catching up with friends. I truly feel that the greatest thing about these events is that they bring people together. It's always great  to spend a little time with the people you care about weither it's gawking at geek stuff, sharing dinner or watching cartoons at your hotel (Daffy Duck is an asshole by the way). I want to thank everyone involved at the New York Comic Con for  this year's show.



  1. Its so funny looking at other peoples blogs and pictures and how many things you saw and I didn't. :o) It was great to see you both!

  2. Sorry to hear that there were idiotic "ambushers" running around NYCC. I didn't see them in particular, but that's really uncalled for.

    This was my first time working as press for one of these events, and while I did my best to respect boundaries (not touching anyone, interrupting, etc.), I was mostly waiting to see when people were posing and asking if I could also take their picture. Just curious, there a guide for con newbies for proper etiquette with cosplayers?

  3. Oh my gosh, you're so right! The greatest thing about comic con is connecting with those certain friends you see once a year... The crazy photographers and the crowds get tiring, but you keep coming back for the friends :)

    So awesome to hear that you had a great time, wish I could have been there! NY sounds like it was amazeballs!

    Here's to Japan's CC! Whooo!


  4. @Alisha: That's the thing about these shows; they are so big and there's so much to see that you end up missing alot! lol Always love seeing you, doll!

    @entil2001: The best advice I can give is just be polite. That's all it boils down to. "Excuse me", "please" and "Thanks" in addition to not touching and interupting people so all I personally ask for :)

    @ZenAnna: Still keeping my fingers crossed for a Japan con! Thanks doll! :)

  5. Thank you for sharing your opinion on the NYCC compared to the SDCC. They NYCC started in 2006, and its gotten a little better each year. In 2010 they finally took over the whole convention center and its been much better.

    Finally, as a Native New Yorker, and a person who has attended the Con each of the last 5 years, I am so sorry to read how rude some people were to you with regards to their interacting with you.

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