Saturday, September 3, 2011

Slave Hello Kitty promotes slavery of cats across the galaxy!

The Slave Leia cosplay controversy continues! At this year's 2011 San Diego Comic Con, Hello Kitty arrived donning the infamous metal bikini causing shock waves throughout the cat community. Is Hello Kitty, the world's most beloved cat, promoting slavery of felines? Has she in fact been abducted by the gangster known as Jabba the Hut? Is she sending the message that cats are objectified as sex objects? Did she get a bikini wax? For answers to these hard hitting questions, the experts were called in. Slave Leia models Rebecca and Geneva share their thoughts on these shocking turn of events.

Rebecca: I'm offended cause I am a dog person! BAD KITTY!

Geneva: That cat is supporting slavery while being dressed in a skimpy outfit! It should be ashamed!!

Rebecca: Really! How often do you see cat's wearing leashes? Dogs do it purely by choice!

 Geneva: It's ok for dogs to support slavery but cats are a whole other story how
dare they!

Rebecca: Geneva- I'm calling ASPCA right now! Or North Shore Animal League for cruelties to this cat!

Geneva: You should report that cat to the Victims of Jabba Support Group! This is appalling! Cats across the world are suffering from enslavement by giant slugs!

Rebecca: Public controversy opinion- Cats are whores!

*Note* This article is meant as a joke and not meant to offend  the Hello Kitty cosplayer. This is a continuation of the "Slave Revolt" article seen HERE.


  1. This is a huge problem in the cat community. Trafficking of cats through Jabba's palace is getting out of control. We must put a stop to this growing problem.

  2. I strongly agree! Cat trafficking must come to an end! It starts with Hello Kitty and who knows who could be next! Garfield? Heathcliffe? Streaky? Oh the humanity! Won't someone think of the cats! Meow! ;)

  3. I heard Felix might be next. We are getting into dangerous territory here, because not only do we have female cats prancing around in skimpy outfits being eye-raped by Salacious Crumb. Now we have male cats falling victim to this traffic ring too. When will this stop!

  4. It may not end with cats! This could spread to the hamster community, dogs and even goldfish! This issue must be addressed; we must save the animals before they too are subjected to wear a collar and be bossed around by a giant slug!

  5. Cute! ^^
    I don't know the character (sorryyyyy) but I think that the wig's color fits you really well!
    This reminds me that I want to cosplay characters with glasses too... XD


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