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Ask Victoria: Part 5

So for the fifth round of "Ask Victoria" I had my fans ask whatever they wanted on my Facebook fan page ( The original plan was whoever asked the best question would get to interview me for my Blog but there was such a huge response and so many great questions, I decided to pick the ten best for this article.
My apologies that I could not get everyone's questions in. There were far too many and some of them were questions I have all ready answered in other interviews across the web. Thanks again to my fans. Read on and enjoy!

Emily Ruth asks: What has the process been like going from a low-key cosplayer to the Queen of Cosplay? Your great greatest challenge and hardships that you had to overcome as each new con approached? How as those challenges shaped you as a person and where can you see yourself growing from there?

Victoria: I never thought I would receive any kind of title in the cosplay world especially being named the Queen of Cosplay. It's a bit mind boggling. I was just a shy little nerd girl who wanted to give cosplay a try and really enjoyed it so I continued with no specific goal in mind other than to have fun and pay tribute to my favorite characters. In the beginning I actually dealt with a lot of racism with my first cosplay (Aerith from Final Fantasy VII) and I would consider that the biggest hardship. I also have individuals whom I refer to as my "sheep" who literally would shop at the same local stores I would or apply to the same shows or websites, contact people I have worked with, imitate my modeling photos, even cosplay the same characters that I do. Sometimes they are former friends, sometimes they are plain ole' stalkers.  But these women aren't considered hardships in the least, they are just people I laugh at when our paths cross. I think any obstacle in life helps you become who you are and I have faced everything from being in a wheel chair, to murder in my family, divorce, abusive relationships and even alcoholism. I always found the light however thanks to my family, friends and God. I do not exaggerate when I say I have very thick skin. I have even taken up the practice of meditation and feel I am constantly evolving.

Russell asks: How has cosplaying changed your life? Pros and Cons of cosplaying for you?

Victoria: Gosh, it's changed in so many ways. First and foremost, it's crazy that I don't have to worry about a ticket anymore. I'm getting invited to these shows or am granted access because of my work and the name I've made for myself and that's incredible. My first trip to the San Diego Comic Con was in 2010 and I had people come up to me who knew who I was. It wasn't just fans either; I met a Fox San Diego camera man and he said he followed my work online. I couldn't believe I was all the way across the country and people knew who I was and it really showed that all my networking has really paid off. I would say the annoying thing about being an internet celebrity is the idioticy I have to deal with; people who just act stupid. But that's easily taken care of with the click of the "block" button. Sometimes I will spit their stupidity right back at them, other times I don't bother and just block them.

David asks: What is your opinion of the latest Superman costume from Superman: The Man of Steel?

Victoria:  I actually really like it! It's different from any Superman costume we've seen onscreen. I think it was time to step away from the traditional outfit (just a bit) and give us something new. It's not too different though so it's still safe. I also think it's sexy. I've been in love with Superman since I was a little girl and am very much looking forward to this film.

WeAre NerdCaliber asks: What was the last thing you read that made a huge impact in your life or thinking? Why?

Victoria: I don't know if this counts but I have a Dream Interpretation book that I use to decipher dreams and visions I have while I meditate. I record everything down in a journal and it's amazing once you decode the hidden meanings behind dreams and visions.

 Brian asks: I sort of know the answers to any question that could be asked but I feel like one question in particular would have an interesting answer and I wonder if it's changed over time: How do you go about "retiring" a cosplay? I know you've had quite a few that have been shelved for good (Aerith for example), but I would like to hear in your own words what goes through your head when you decided that a cosplay has run it's course ...

Victoria: If I feel like I have done all I can creatively for a character whether it be costume upgrades or photography wise, I will retire it. With Aerith I was very satisfied with the pictures that were taken ( and had no desire to cosplay her variant dresses. I also don't attend many video game shows so I had no where to really wear the outfit to.

Dave asks: Do you regret cutting your hair?

Victoria: Not at all! It has to be cut after I put my hair through hell one week. I went from dark to highlights to back to dark. It got fried so I cut only two inches off. As you can see in the Alice picture above, it's not too short. It looks shorter though when I wear it curly.

Humphrey asks: With all the hype of the new 52 how do you feel about the new costume designs. Do you see yourself cosplaying any of them in the near future. If so which would be the first. Ohh yeah will you marry me.

Victoria: I'm digging the designs so far although I am still getting use to Superman's collar. I may try Wonder Woman's new outfit but I have no love for Supergirl's new uniform. I think  it's horrendous. As for marrying you, if I'm still single in five years let's do it!

Michael asks: You have been featured lately on several big cosplay websites, and even most recently on Do you hope to become a model outside of the cosplay world, and if so, what would you model?

Victoria: I've been doing three things like a mad woman; teaching, cosplaying and modeling. I feel I am ready to be more active in the modeling world so cosplay may be pushed to the side for a little bit now that I am in negotiations with a modeling agency. I've actually held off on signing with an agency because teaching and cosplaying came first but even with doing that, I've proved I can make it into national publications. As for what would I model, that would depend on what assignments I would get but I am open for pretty much anything.

Mind Trickdmedia asks: Best Pick up line when you're dressed as Slave Leia?

Victoria: I love it when females ask me to marry them at conventions or when they say "I love you Princess Leia!". Conventions are suppose to be fun and with all the online Slave Leia bashing going on, it's always nice to meet a confident, strong, female fan who appreciates Leia.

Phil asks: Thoughts on being the subject of so much fan art? I could probably have an entire art related conversation.

Victoria: It's awesome! I appreciate everyone's efforts and for incorporating me into their art! I've seen some incredible work and try to post as much as I can on my website:

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