Monday, June 20, 2011

My personal experience @ Wizard World Philly 2011

Imagine my surprise and delight when I recieved an email from Wizard personally inviting me to this years Wizard World Philly/ Philadelphia Comic Con convention!
Not only was I given access to the three day event but I was also granted my own personal guest list to get my cosplay friends inside to enjoy all the glorious festivities! As if that wasn't enough and didn't make me feel like the Belle of the Ball, I was also invited to the official launch party (which sadly I was unable to attend because I was with my family) and a private party hosted by my friend, pro wrestler The Smoke. Smallville and Dukes of Hazards star John Schneider joined us for dinner and he remembered me from earlier in the day as Wonder Woman. He was very impressed with my costume when I told him my friend Candy made it for me. We had a nice chat with him over dinner. I also met actress Margot Kidder (Lois Lane) who was an absolute doll and funny as hell (she loved my costume too). After meeting Margot I posed with a fan who turned out to be Beauty and the Geek reality star Bill Lambing. I also posed with superstar artist Greg Horn.

Okay so let's talk cosplay; Friday I debuted my brand new Wonder Woman costume made by my girl Candy who has her own boutique   The outfit is absolutely amazing (thanks to the fans who sponsered it)! and I lost count with how many compliments I got on the costume. Everyone from celebrities to vendors to fans. One girl stopped me to tell me I was the best Wonder Woman at the show. I've been wanting to cosplay Diana since I was a little girl spinning in the living room watching the Lynda Carter series so thank you to Candy for making my dream come true. Saturday my girlfriends and I went to the show as the Gotham City Sirens. I lost count on how many people said how "Smokin' Hot" we all were. People were saying I was the best Catwoman at the show, which was very flattering. One woman marveled at my face saying I looked "Exactly like Selina!" Aside from posing for pics, converesing with Facebook, Twitter and Comic fans, friends and shopping, us ladies did a shoot with the original Batmobile.  We also did the first Cosplay Photoshoot gathering organzied by The Smoke and his friend Brian. I was a chairman for the gathering as well and it was a HUGE success; loads of cosplayers turned out! After the costume contest (where us Sirens pleased the crowd by giving them a view of our bums) we all went to dinner.

For Sunday's show I decided on Black Canary, which is one of my most comfortable costumes. Catwoman is also very, very comfy. I was surprised by the Sunday crowd; in the past it was usually the slowest day with a considerable less amount of people but it was just as busy as Saturday. I expected a day of granting a lot less photo requests but I was still approached every few feet which was very cool. I only kept my jacket on for a few minutes before deciding to take it off because I was hot. Sunday we also had a second cosplay shoot where my personal favorite moment was Superboy asking if he could lift me on his shoulder. And may I add that there were many hot cosplayer men at this year's show. Our second cosplay shoot was also a success and we have some big plans next year. 

Also chatted with industry friends Ken Haeser, Raven Gregory and Eric Basaldua. I got a spanking from one of them (guess who?) In closing I want to once again thank Wizard for their amazing generosity! I've been attending the show the last 10 years and it always gets better and better. I am so grateful that they took care of all of my friends and I had an absolute blast with them! I also made tons of new friends!  I'm going to leave you now with a few more of my favorite shots and some of the best cosplayers at this year's event and also add that I have been cast in the next DC Comics fan film! Who will I play? Stay tuned!

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